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RESPA is a confusing and complex piece of regulation. One area that needs to be examined is this notion of RE marketing agreements. Is it a RESPA violation for a bank (say Wells Fargo) to rent a desk in a Re/Max office for $4,000 a month? November 10th article in Marketwatch indicates that Divisi...
[RESPA Reform] NAMB - HUD RESPA Rule Released (Changes take effect January 1, 2010.)
This just in, RealtyTrac announced that Colorado fell to 10th place in September for foreclosure data. The story can be read here I expressed my displeasure with RealtyTrac on my Mortgage Blog over at The J. Berman Group.                                                    ...
I wrote a post over at my personal blog about Gmail and the new flexibility added to IMAP controls. I explain what this means in the post. In a nutshell, you can now control how much and what kind of email comes to your mobile phone. This is a great little tweek and makes using Gmail even better....
When I review the analytics for JBinFrisco & JBermanGroup, one of the stats I check are the operating systems and browsers being used to visit the sites. It's interesting to see how many folks still browse with Windows & Internet Explorer. Since many still use the Microsoft platform I thought it ...
I received a listing in my inbox yesterday courtesy of LinkedIn. It's bad enough that the agent is using LinkedIn to spam my Inbox. It's even more distressing that the ad contains a spelling error. If I was the owner of this palatial estate I'd be upset that my agent was too careless to spell-che...
This is my first Autumn up in Summit County as a full-time resident. All I can say is "Wow!" - Fall Color Explosion The market in Summit County is healthy and growing I'm excited for future prospects as a mortgage originator, homeowner, & investor in Summit County. Summit County Real Estate Updat...
Last weekend REBlogWorld launched. RE Tech folks came together, all skill levels, all ages. In my opinion, Conferences, Summits, & Meet-ups are the most effective way to grow your business. Capturing ideas, tips, tricks, & research material will keep you sharp and your business moving forward. Th...
Last week, I had the privilege of reading dozens of entries for Carnival of Real Estate. One thing that struck me was the difficulty some bloggers had expressing their message. Since I am challenged by this as well, I wanted to post a few resources that would assist with the development of this s...
I've become more interested in analytics over the past few weeks. To be honest, analytics hadn't been important to me cuz let's face it, when no one is reading, there is nothing to measure. One of the first things I've noticed is referral 'traffic' to my website. Not shockingly, my traffic is ref...

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