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Jay writes about Technology stuff as well as the local real estate markets in the Kansas City northland including Liberty, Gladstone, North Kansas City and Kansas City Metro. Jay digs social media and gadgets to make real estate FUN!
I talk with a lot of agents who are new to the technology world. They use words like "overwhelm" and "complicated" or "next big thing" when we chat. Okay, maybe that's a tad true but when we embrace technology there is a world to gain. One great example is our simple web browsing. Do you think it...
These days don't come along too often, do they? January 11, 2011... 1/11/11...  I have a thing for numbers and have been tossing this date around in my mind for a couple of days now, trying to find some deeper meaning to it so I could write a great blog post about it. I'm not sure why, but I thin...
The Wisdom from An American Hero Let's take a moment and take off our "Stuffy Boring Hat" and have a little brain aerobics, shall we? I love keeping my mind active, and I love GREAT movies! After watching one of the greatest of all time the other day, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ar...
Do you wear jeans or slacks to work? Golf shirt or tie? Who really cares?... The New Rules of Real Estate Etiquette: don't discuss politics, religion or how a Realtor should dress because you're sure to offend someone. Well, I'm asking for it but here goes... (please comment and tell me I'm wrong...
We are all thinking about 2011 and what we're going to do differently to make our lives better, but what about your CAR? Well, I asked mine and here is what she said:   Resolution #1Take the First Space When Jay drives me to that store, he always circles the lot looking for the PERFECT spot! Come...
Our RE/MAX broker made an interesting challenge to our team at the beginning of the month: he challenged us to get 10,000 NO's by the end of December! You should have heard the reactions!... I know what you're thinking: "I focus on the POSITIVE and don't want to focus on negative NOs or that is A...
The majority of people will ask your opinion for one reason only: to confirm an idea that they already have. Think of the woman trying on the dress then asking the husband if he likes it or not... Wise husbands have learned how to answer these questions knowing what she is REALLY asking: "Do you ...

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Author Bio: Jay O'Brien specializes in Real Estate in the Kansas City metro area, including the Northland of Kansas City : Liberty : Gladstone : North Kansas City : and Kansas City. Jay is licensed in both Missouri and Kansas and has helped clients in Overland Park, Leavenworth, Olathe, Smithville and many other areas in the metro. Jay uses technology in new and interesting ways to market listings, as well as helping buyers to find their perfect homes. Want to make Real Estate fun? Give Jay a call and see if he can EARN your business. 816-774-1357.