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Jay writes about Technology stuff as well as the local real estate markets in the Kansas City northland including Liberty, Gladstone, North Kansas City and Kansas City Metro. Jay digs social media and gadgets to make real estate FUN!
Do you have a strategy for talking with your clients? Are you REACTING or are you in control? One question I like to ask my sellers is, "What is the best way for me to communicate with you?" You'd be surprised by the answers. Some don't have unlimited texting plans, so they get charged when I tex...
Ok. Let's make this simple, Mr. Seller: I can't sell it if you won't let people in.   This past week I had a seller that kept denying showings. Lots of REASONS but no real EXCUSES. Are we in or not with this deal? But how do we get over this problem (aside from firing the client)? TALK TO THE SEL...
I've had my newest toy for a while and finally got brave enough to use it for my first contract this weekend. Flawless. I will not go back to those pesky piles of paper EVER again! This is more than a cool gizmo, it's my new Swiss Army Knife. Each of these topics may be it's own blog, so let me j...
Be careful what you put in that blank! Do me a favor and fill it in with YOUR thoughts... go ahead, I'll wait. "I wish my Buyers would _______________." Got something? Here are some words that came to my mind: ... decide already!... get in or get out!... stop being so picky.... get preapproved (y...
These wise words came from my broker this week when talking to an agent about getting some new listings. The more I thought about it, I think there is a lot of meat here!... (And yes, he DOES have a fine way with words!) I posted this on Facebook and many people didn't get it! Okay, here we go: L...
The Open House went GREAT yesterday! ....Right up until I'm packing up and the heavens open! Rain. Hail. And I've got a showing in 10 minutes, so I can't wait for it to subside.  Oh no. The pointer signs... Do you mean I have to go out there in THIS to grab them?? At this point, I was really weig...
Video is the hot new medium to get the message out. If you don't have a YouTube channel yet, then what are ya waiting for?!?! There are two ways to approach a listing video: HOLLYWOOD and B-MOVIE. The first is great for those higher priced listings because people expect to be dazzled. But what ab...
As I prepare to give a new talk to a group of real estate agents next week on the topic of Facebook, I thought I'd take a minute and toss out a few points that may help us all navigate the world of Facebook a bit better. (As an agent using ActiveRain, I know you are a bit more tech savvy than the...
Do you remember your first time? Look, Real Estate: I had a life before you. It was a GOOD life. A secure one. I had my paycheck and I was playing the field, not tied to anyone and it was nice. I could come and go, hang out with my clients and not worry about getting home on time because I knew t...
Like a juggler with fifteen pins in the air at once, we've all become masters of the multi-task. Is it fun?... well, no. Is it how the life of a busy Realtor has to be?... well, not necessarily. We're all busy, I get that. We are also overwhelmed with distractions. All. Day. Long. Your email is i...

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Author Bio: Jay O'Brien specializes in Real Estate in the Kansas City metro area, including the Northland of Kansas City : Liberty : Gladstone : North Kansas City : and Kansas City. Jay is licensed in both Missouri and Kansas and has helped clients in Overland Park, Leavenworth, Olathe, Smithville and many other areas in the metro. Jay uses technology in new and interesting ways to market listings, as well as helping buyers to find their perfect homes. Want to make Real Estate fun? Give Jay a call and see if he can EARN your business. 816-774-1357.