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Updates on Real Estate in Greater Boston, Massachusetts
   Yes...enough is enough...we make Billions of sales using my system....   the call is miss it worries....recorded call is awaiting....  to learn more...cheeers...      
 Happy to announce this wonderful home brought back to life by my awesome investor: Click here to view Contact us for more information....this home will surprise you at this price point....  This home will enter the market soon......and we appreciate your sharing and chatting about this home.... ...
 There is no secret to follow up...there is just Follow up .... start doing it more and more and watch your business soar.... Click here to learn more and thanks for sharing Look forward to seeing your 3rd and 4th quarters results rise by practicing better follow up... cheers...  Jay
 The landscape in real estate has changed considerably.  We no longer are the owners of the information like it was 20 years ago.  With 3rd party sites providing information to buyers and sellers the agent must realzie how to combat that lost feature in their value proposition. Click here to lear...
I love to share great experiences to my real estate and SendOutCards audiences. Feel free to read and comment. The real estate market is always changing and with birth of search engines and 3rd party...
  Have you seen the updates from SendOutCards?  Amazing how many realtors and ancillary professionals do not see the power of SOC.  Over the years, I have continued to share and show others this amazing tool.....and yes, many just push it away......Well, if you do, your competition thanks you...t...
  PHOENIX BUSINESS OWNERS AND SALES PEOPLE: Time is running out and space is limited for both of these events!!! You don't want to miss either one!!!!We are very excited to have TWO amazing events in Phoenix March 11th & 12th.Lunch & Learn: Close More Sales in 2016 with Relationship Marketing - w...
There...I said it....what many don't like to talk about because they don't have one in go build your article Jay.  Recently, I returned from Houston after speaking to a great group of business professionals.  The excitement in the room was contagious.  Much of the same subjects came u...
2016 is here; Your Goals written down; Now What?   Goals not written down are only Dreams...right..Yes you have heard that before....So this year you have written them down...great... have you shared them?  Most likely not...Why?  Because you most likely did not write them down or your are embarr...
  ...Ok I said it is again...YOU are Crazy if you are not using SendOutCards.....Why?  Here is why....YOU have customers, you have clients, you have friends and family...they are human beings not numbers....If you want to stand in the funeral line saying I wish I had told M...

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