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The holidays are here and what better way to be ready for this season (and winter) than by taking preemptive home maintenance and safety measures.  Fall asleep rest assured your family, visitors and home are safe.  Be sure to get your CHECKLIST DOWNLOAD HERE and have a great December and enjoy th...
One of the best ways to LEVERAGE YOURSELF, SET YOURSELF APART from other agents, stay top of mind and have your SOI contacting and referring you - Is Your Own Custom Newsletter (DONE CORRECTLY).Not only is this an excellent way to leverage yourself but IT'S AN ASSET in your business.If this is se...
The holidays are fast approaching and what better way to get ready for the holidays and fall asleep rest assured your family, visitors and home are safe by taking preemptive home maintenance and safety measures.Be sure to get your checklist download here and have a great start to your November an...
Did you know it's Fire Safety Month?  Use these 9 tips (Includes free download maintenance checklist) and offer to your SOI.  Get your home ready for the change in seasons and protect your family.You can share this in your social media, your Strategic Real Estate Newsletter and in your emails to ...
REALTORS: FREE EDITABLE BROCHURE for your sphere “HOW THE 4 SEASONS IMPACT REAL ESTATE” How The 4 Seasons Affect Home Sales Sellers often ask what’s the best time of year to sell? How do the seasons affect home sales? Is there a better season for a higher ROI?  It’s a great question but the truth...
Are you looking for unique, different ways to generate real estate leads? There’s a lot of information out there regarding various ways to generate real estate leads and build your business but narrowing these down to some things that work steadily and consistently for you is a key when implement...
We have 2019 fast approaching and developing and implementing a marketing strategy is crucial to stay competitive, to stay top of mind and consistently generate leads and referrals. Composed here are the top 100 Real Estate Marketing Strategies For 2019 - Included is January – June 2019 Unique Mo...

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