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When you have a 5 pound dog that stands just under a foot tall, there is a lot of extra shoveling involved. Ms. Parker is an old pro at these storms. She just turned 15 this past December so I think this winter makes 16 winters for her. This morning she is all bundled up and ready to tackle anoth...
I am using this opportunity to showcase a few posts I have written in the past that are among my favorites...   Yup... If you are a professional, then speak like one. Is it a good idea to take that call right now? Some common sense and business etiquette when with a client. Trust thyself. Star Tr...
Hard Money Loan Terms in Rhode Island. Also, Hard Money Loan Terms in Massachusetts. When looking to borrow money from a hard money lender or to take out a private money mortgage in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, it is a good idea to be mindful of not only the cost of the money but how the money ...
As the summer comes to a close and the Fall and Winter seasons start their approach, now is the perfect time to Winterize your business! I usually don't do anything that is groundbreaking. I simply use this time of year to focus on good habits and get back to some sales basics. This is a good tim...
Well, September 23rd is finally here and in my house this means two things. The first thing is the release of Disney Infinity 2.0. Most important the Marvel Super Heroes starter pack and figures. The second thing is that tonight is the start of season 2 of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. This particu...
Hard Money in Southeastern Massachusetts.   If you have found a multi family property in Fall River that needs a rehab loan, my office works with lenders who may be able to help. If there is a foreclosure in Somerset that you would like to buy then fix and flip, my office works with lenders who m...
I found this wonderful gem on Netflix while scrolling through different category types. Harlock:Space Pirate was listed under action/adventure but could easily fall under sci-fi as well. The story wasn't too bad. It wasn't great but okay and got the job done. Plus there were some twists which ad...
I had a conversation with the manager of a drugstore chain last week about what it was like working for a big retail corporation. Specifically we spoke about quality of life and the work life balance that can be difficult to manage while working long demanding hours. She mentioned to me that Hobb...
This is Riverside RI? Yes! This pretty shot was taken at Rose Larisa Memorial Park in Riverside. The Rose Larisa Memorial Park is located directly across the street from The Looff Carousel at Crescent Park. This park sits on 10 acres of waterfront property. There are plenty of well placed benches...
I saw this slogan written on the side of a construction workers van...   "Quality has no Competition"   Think about the phrase. Is this statement True or False?        

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