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Helping homeowners lower their energy bills has truly been a 10 year learning curve for me benefiting my clients. Thanks to my background, I was invited to be a guest on the podcast "The Weekly Closer."  I had such a great time and I can't thank Security Title & Fidelity National Home Warranty en...
 One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure There is wisdom in the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” What if instead of burying our trash in a landfill, we recirculated it back into the economy? What if we began to regard “waste” as a “resource”? Scottsdale’s Green Building L...
Maravilla has two separate neighborhoods in North Scottsdale.  One is gated and the other is not and backs to the canal.  The gated neighborhood was built first during 1993 - 1995;  while Maraville II was built during 1995 through 1997.  The first Maravilla I is located on the Northwest corner of...
Hearing that John McCain had passed created a sadness in Arizona.  He was at his ranch in Cornville, near Sedona during his final days.  I hesitated to write this, assuming so many others had much to say about this heroic figure of a man.  But not seeing anything written, I decided to publish wha...
Market statistics tell a lot about what's going on for buyers and sellers.  Having great reports helps provide the helpful information that home buyers and sellers can use to make important decisions.  These market reports are provided courtesy of the Cromford Report. While we should be viewing o...
The Phoenix Housing Market Update report for July, 2018 includes data for all of Maricopa County.  The area is vast, over 400 square miles!   Currrently there are 15,942 listings of homes, condos, townhomes, mobile homes and lofts for sale.  A very low number.  The trend has been declining invent...
After hearing about the Pearl Certication a week ago, I decided to go for it and get my home certified. No, I didn't "Go for the Gold" as I had no idea what energy efficient upgrades would be allotted points. So, I contacted them in blind faith that after all my hard work, my home would achieve a...
In October, 2007 at an office meeting,  my office manager reminded us of the upcoming National Association of REALTORS® convention to be held in Las Vegas.  Perusing the calendar and schedule, one session popped off the page.  An EcoBroker was speaking about her business.  What the heck is an Eco...
Will Your House Fail the Tissue Test? What’s a tissue test?  Does it have anything to do with the “white glove” treatment?  Does the tissue test have anything to do with dust?  Or is it something else altogether?  The answer might surprise you.   It has nothing to do with dust, although it could ...
Wire Fraud is a damaging crime.  Victims of wire fraud can innocently think they are following directions only to learn that wired funds are lost, gone from their bank accounts.  Preventing wire fraud requires vigilance on the part of everyone in a real estate transaction.   Title companies are s...

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