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Visit my real estate "secret sharing" site. Ask questions. My goal is to help agents be the best that they can be. No Limits and no limiting beliefs!Conversations about growing agents' real estate practices to a new level. Strategies and tactics to higher levels of success for new to mega agents. 23 yr veteran shares it all. All secrets shared!
Do we really know what is important? In any given day, do we value what we have or just take it for granted and let the petty frustrations of our real estate career bury our real life's mission and divert our priorities?  Do we often half listen to our spouse or children because we have a transac...
As serious business people in real estate it becomes clear really fast that safe is not where we want to be. I am not talking about personal safety which of course is paramount in our business, but rather being "safe" in our business practices. We grew up with our parents telling us not to talk w...
I just love that Geiko commercial. It made me think of how long I put off creating a real estate blog, because I thought it would be do technologically challenging. Active Rain is brilliant in that AR recognizes that real estate agents need tools that they can used without having to be IT special...
I have experienced many "firsts" of significance in my life. There would be the first step (that one I don't remember), 1st date, 1st job in first university teaching career, 1st ocean dive for my SCUBA certification, 1st run for public office, 1st sale in my real estate career and so on through ...

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