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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Home Jane Realty - BRE# 01439865
A Los Angeles real estate broker specializing in absentee owners and out-of-town buyers. If you are not local to Los Angeles, or near the property in question, you need someone to act as your right hand throughout the process. That is where I come in. Just sit back and relax! You are in very capable hands.
It has been very quiet of late in the Wilshire Corridor condo market. Very little is coming on the market, either for sale or lease. We will compare the third quarter of last year with the third quarter of this year, which is no quite over but close enough. 50 units were sold. Compared to last y...
This is just getting old, and if it weren't so sad you would have to laugh.Prices of rentals and sales are coming on the market for the most ridiculous prices. There is absolutely no sane reason for some some of the numbers. Heaven help us if there is no direct comp, because that's when you reall...
In my market, with the high cost of home ownership, renting is sometimes the only way to go. In most markets it does not pay for agents to do rentals. They are very time consuming and most of the time we spend a lot of time, energy and gas driving renters around only to end up with them disappear...
I have been looking at this cruise for a while now.  It is on one of the top cruise lines, Silversea and a fabulous itinerary - Singapore to Dubai, 17 days.It is not cheap and the single supplement kills. So if you or anyone you know might be interested in sharing a cabin, do let me know.  
During this politically divisive election season I am somehow reminded of the demands of buying and selling real estate.There are two sides to the process, both having their own philosophy and opinions which they would like to impose on the other. So as the representative of one of the "parties" ...
I have only been in the real estate business for 12 years, and like many of you I started out knocking doors and cold calling.Door knocking was extremely time-consuming and I really did not like it even though it was not an unpleasant experience for me. And with my accent (British) I was quite su...
I spend most of my days on my website. It is the sole source of my business and unti recently was a great resource. But for the past couple of months all I hear are crickets and I am not sure why.I am pretty Wordpress savvy and do most of the ongoing work myself. And of course I am obsessive abou...
The Wilshire Corridor  is an approximately two-mile stretch of Wilshire Boulevard between Westwood  Boulevard and the Los Angeles Country Club. It houses some of the most expensive high-rise condominium buildings in Los Angeles, most of which are full-service with every amenity to provide residen...
Sometimes we real estate agents lose out on listings even from our old clients. It is generally not because of some failing or ours, or something we omitted in our presentation. It could be because the seller is impressed with the size of someone else’s team, or their flash presentation, or maybe...
Price your Los Angeles home to sell. Use the Facts. And by pricing it to sell I mean to sell for the best price possible – even in a sellers’ market.Emotions need to be taken out of the decision-making process and it should be based on facts, because this is how a buyer is going to determine what...

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