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You know the story.  You're at a party or a networking event and someone says to you "So what do you do?" For the last couple of years when I answer that question with "I'm a mortgage loan officer" I can see the person look a little funny and say "ohhhh - It must be tough for you right now".  Or,...
I love this song!  A friend sent this to me over the weekend and I just LOVE it!  It's Called Christmas with a capital C!!!I hope every radio station in the country plays this a lot for the next six weeks. It's okay to say "Merry Christmas" and I for one, will not be giving it up.  
After 30 years in mortgage lending I can still say First Time Home Buyers Make My Heart Sing!  Yep!  When I get to close a loan for a first time buyer I go home at night with a warm feeling of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.  This is the feeling that truly keeps me going in this crazy m...
Excuse me BofA! You CAN NOT have it both ways!  I refinanced a loan this week for some past clients.  I did their purchase loan in 2005.  We did an 80-15-5 because they had another home that had not closed yet.  The 15% second was a home equity line of credit.  Their previous home sold and they p...
                    It's time to call it a night.  The fun and games of Halloween are done for this year.  Tom had really BIG fun playing with all the kids who came trick or treating and now he will start thinking about next Halloween.
Halloween is Tom's FAVORITE holiday!  Tom is my husband of 40+ years.  He loves Halloween better than any other holiday!  When our daughters were little, he would build a huge haunted house on our patio.  It would take him days to set it all up.  I don't know who enjoyed it more, Tom or our two d...
I read a disturbing article this morning and all I could think was can this REALLY be happening in America? The fire department in Chester, PA has a rule that mandates all stickers and statements - union, cartoon and political - be stripped from lockers so as not to offend anyone.  On Friday, a s...
One of the best things I like about living in Tucson is the dramatic storms we get.  From my patio I can watch the storm clouds building and moving up through the valley.  Many times there is a lot of lightening dancing through the sky and ferocious winds.  Usually, there will be torrential rain ...

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