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The Jersey Shore is not just a vacation destination,it could become your year round residence as well.  Either way I am certain you will enjoy the Life style at the Jersey Shore as much as we do.If for some reason the beach is not your cup to tea , the options besides the beach are nearly endless...
The Jersey shore features some of the Nicest Beaches in the tri-state area , from Sandy Hook down to Long Beach Island. Some of the best childhood memories and on through my teen years and into my adult years have been right here at the Jersey shore. Many hours of sonset walks and sunrises have o...
In this current realestate market how do we find and keep in touch with our precious firrst time home buyers? Most of the first time home buyers seem to be recent colledge graduates,or recently dscharged millatary personel.So how can we generate interest in these people and hopefully keep them in...
Month Year Monthly Sales Avg ListPrice Avg Sale Price % Diff Sell/list Avg DOM Curr Inventory Months Inventory January 2005 8 $708,550 $696,188 98.26% 38.0 33 4.13 February 2005 5 $679,560 $651,300 95.84% 79.0 45 9.00 March 2005 5 $937,960 $837,000 89.24% 66.0 42 8.40 April 2005 6 $388,133 $376,...
 Strategies for buying investment properties don't vary much across different type of properties. Basically paying the least amount you can to insure a nice profit when you sell or refinance. Here are some basic formulas that work every where and a new twist that your real estate agent or title c...
Daily we receive calls from prospective clients who are 1st time real estate home investors looking to capitalize on a slumping real estate market.   And, for the most part, they always have the same delusion about how to go about making money in the real estate game. It's like they all were lyin...
Basic Rental PropertiesThis is an investment as old as the practice of landownership. A person will buy a property and rent it out to a tenant. The owner, the landlord, is responsible for paying the mortgage, taxes and costs of maintaining the property. Ideally, the landlord charges enough rent t...
You frequently hear about people who made their fortunes investing in the stock market, but you also hear about investors who lost their shirts playing the same game. You hardly ever hear about real-estate investors who go bankrupt, however; that's because it doesn't happen often.That's right: Th...
BelmarIf a real estate investment is in your future. This may be just the place to start looking. A multi-family summer home, A mixed use commercial building or a home to raise your family are all avilable here in Belmar. Belmar has been popular destination for summer beachgoers for more than a c...

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