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James Everett Livingston was born in Towns, Georgia back in 1940. He graduated from Lumber High School in 1957.  He entered the North Georgia College in 1957 but transferred to pursue a major that the school did not offer.  He graduated in 1962, with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineer...
Theodore Charles Lyster was born at Ft. Larned, Kansas back in 1875 to William and Martha.  He received his Ph.B. in 1897 and his M.D. in 1899 from the University of Michigan.  In 1898 he enlisted in the army as a private and hospital steward.  In 1900, he was commissioned as a surgeon.He served ...
Joan Little was born in Washington, North Carolina back in 1953.  She was the eldest of six siblings, she was forced to care for them and four half-siblings as well. As a teenager, she worked in the tobacco industry and was a waitress. Little’s problems with law enforcement began in 1968.  Her mo...
Henrietta Emma Litchfield was born in Downe, Kent, England back in 1843 to Charles and Emma.  Her brother and Henrietta helped their father with his work and edit some of his writings.  She married Richard in 1871, the couple had no children.  Richard died in 1903 in Cannes, France.Henrietta edit...
Clifford Carwood Lipton was born in Huntington, West Virginia back in 1920.  When he was 10 his father was killed and his mother paralyzed in an accident.  Because he was the eldest his mother told him he was the “man of the family”.  He completed one year at Marshall University before leaving to...
Joseph Lister was born in Upton, West Ham, Essex, England back in 1827 to Joseph and Isabella.  He attended Brown Academy.  After graduation he entered the University College London Medical School.  He graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Medicine in 1852.  In that same year he passed the exa...
Hymen L. Lipman was born in Kingston, Jamaica back in 1817.  In 1829, the family moved to the United States arriving in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he resided for the rest of his life.  He worked as a stationer in Philadelphia where in 1840 he was the leading stationer. In 1843, he started ...
Edwin Albert Link was born in Huntington, Indiana back in 1904 to Edwin and Katherine.  The family moved to Binghamton, New York in 1910.  He graduated for Binghamton Central High School.  He took his first flying lesson in 1920.  By 1927, he had his own Cessna and eked out a living barnstorming,...
Carl Linnaeus was born in Småland, Sweden back in 1707 to Nicolaus and Christina. As a young child his father taught him Latin, religion and geography.  In 1717, he was sent to the Lower Grammar School at Växjö.  At his last year in school the headmaster noticed the interest that Carl had in bota...
Richard Lindon was born in Clifton-upon-Dunsmore back in 1816.  I could not find out any information about his parents, upbringing or much of anything else, but what I did find out I hope you’ll enjoy.  His profession was an English leatherworker. His shop was at 6/6a Lawrence Sheriff Street in R...

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