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Anyone have clients looking for a condo? Interesting article below about tips and trends in condo buying in todays market.   CLICK HERE TO READ ED KAMINSKY  
Edward Kaminsky attends invitation-only conclave for top luxury Realtors®   “Leaders in Luxury” event attracts real estate professionals from across North America   DALLAS, Texas. (10/28/13) – [Edward Kaminsky] of [Shorewood Realtors] joined over 100 top real estate professionals, serving the ups...
April marks my 25th anniversary in the Real Estate business. Through thousands of transactions and many moons of experience, I have honed in on the 10.7 most critical steps to successful real estate marketing. My last blog post touched on the 1st three points and as promied, I am now moving on to...
    The 10.7 critical steps to successful Real Estate marketing You’re selling your home. The Real Estate market is appearing to show signs of stabilization. Is it safe to just throw a sign in the front lawn and an ad in the paper? Well this isn’t 2005 anymore. It is 2012 and real estate values a...
Where the 2012 Manhattan Beach Real Estate market is headed  . . . Ed's "State of The Market" Address When analyzing the real estate market, how do you know when it has really changed for the better?  Headlines.  Just reading headlines in the news can give you a clue where things may be headed. R...
You're Right: Timing Is Everything Timing and Marketing: maximize opportunities for self-promotion Long story short. In everything you do, you need to see an opportunity to market yourself. You are literally your own agent.  Case in point: my Marketing Director and I were tossing around ideas abo...
  How to Eye a Real Catch In The Real Estate Market   (inspired by all the love in the air this week . . .) You’re on a mission to find your dream home. It’s the one you have thought about for years. The timing feels right. You’ve saved for your down payment. The Real Estate market is showing sig...
Manhattan Beach Real Estate--Quick Guide So, you’ve decided to take up roots in Manhattan Beach. Whether it is considered a permanent residence or a 2nd home get-away spot, the choices of homes and locations here are as varied as there are fish in the sea. However, Manhattan Beach does have many ...

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