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Watch this Video by AR's own Tara Winfield. It's entertaining, funny, amusing and instructive. Tara, You're fabulous in every sense of the word. You are "The Bomb"!My newest video, "For Sale By Owner - "The Pitfalls" touches on just a few risks sellers take when attempting to sell their home with...
I took the first part of NAR's  e.PRO  class in February 2011 with Amy Chorew. Amy is a social networking  guru. It was through Amy that I learned of Active Rain. Just being turned onto AR by Amy was worth taking the class. Here is an incredible social media post  that is Part I of  "Creating a S...
Midori, it's not just a great drink! ;-)   I  liked your Blog on reblogging so much i had to reblog it. (hee hee). Actually, I have a far more sinister reason for reblogging this great post of yours: I WANT PEOPLE TO REBLOG MY SHORT STORIES FROM "REAL ESTATE HELL". To quote the lovely Liz Byrne ...
I took  NAR's e.PRO class with Amy in February 2011. She's all she's cracked up to be, a social media guru. Take the e.PRO class with her and get a leg up on social media marketing. One common thread of questions I hear in all the seminars and courses I teach on marketing on line is summed up in ...
Recently I blogged about a showing experience I had where my prospects  and I were  confronted by a  bad dog who had gotten out of  his crate/cage. Fortunately, that incident ended with no untoward effects. This is my third installment in what is becoming my "Real Estate Hell" serial. It's my sec...
When you've been in real estate for a quarter century you tend to build up a bank of experiences that are quite memorable. I recently blogged about saving my client's child from being attacked  by a ferocious dog. (Yeah, I'm Mighty Mouse, here to save the day). Well, heres another story that has ...
Let me set the scene: I've arranged a lsit of showing appointments for my prospects, Mom, Dad, their three year old baby girl and her parents came along too. This was back in an era before centralized showing services came into existance. I made the appointment to show by calling the listing offi...

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