Buying a House or Selling your Home in the Orleans / Ottawa area

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Buying or selling a home in Orleans or Ottawa? This blog will give you real estate tips, open houses in the area, listings available, and more. Real Estate... it's all about You!
Ottawa has a huge variety of Christmas Light Shows and Displays. Take look.Nov. 19th-Jan 8th: Take a drive through Wesley Clover Park for a magical family nightMagic of Lights™ is a unique and dazzling drive-through holiday lights experience to celebrate the season. Pile everyone into the car and...
Wood Elements are big this season. A fall colour scheme, composed of warm, earthy tones that basically makes you want to curl up in front of a fireplace. Sandstone tones are great for creating a more warm and cozy feel to the home, but is also versatile enough for all year-round. Don’t even get u...
What are disclosure requirements?Ontario law makes a distinction between patent defects – problems with a home that is easily observable by the untrained eye during a property inspection – and latent defects, problems that are not easily observable or even detectable, even by an expert.What Is A ...
De-Clutter  People collect an amazing quantity of items. Consider this: if you haven't used it in over a year, you probably don't need it.· Pack up those knickknacks· Clean off everything on kitchen counters· Think of this process as a head-start on the packing you will need to do anywayDe-Person...
It's a seller's market right now. If you are putting money into your home for renovations before you sell, here are 7 things that people want in a bathroom.1. Double SinksThis is one of those times where two is better than one. A double vanity upgrade is a worthwhile splurge, according to the pro...
Icicles form when the snow melts then runs down your roof and refreezes near the edge. This usually only happens when part of your roof warms to above 0 degrees C, warm enough to melt the snow, but the roof edge remains below freezing.How can you softly remove these icicles before someone gets hu...
Think About It;Buying a home is a big undertaking, and all aspects should be carefully considered before any decisions are made.  Not only do you want to find your dream home, but you want to do it within a reasonable budget. In hopes of staying within that budget, you may decide to cut some corn...
Handle with CareTo help keep your pumpkin lasting longer, the less you acutuall touch it, the better. The oils from your hands speed up the proccess of decay. When it comes time to carve your pumpkin it's best to use latex gloves. They will help to keep the oils from your hands, which is what cau...
OUTBREAKS CAN BE STRESSFULThe outbreak of corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. And Self Distancing is not our normal way of life. Find ways you and your family can r...
One Of The Hard Ways As A Customer Is . . . The needle in the haystack approach. To find a home, buyers usually start out either looking on the internet, in the newspaper, seeing a sign, or drive around neighbourhoods they think would be ideal for them. Is anyone representing your interests as a ...

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Buying or selling a home in Orleans or Ottawa? This blog will give you real estate tips, open houses in the area, listings available, and more. Real Estate... it's all about You!