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The Most Important Aspect The most important aspect of the home-buying transaction is the mortgage process. If you discover too late that you can not afford your mortgage payment, you could lose your home and be unable to purchase another home for years. Obtaining information is easy. Mortgage information sources are as numerous as mortgage types. Websites, topical newspaper articles, mortgage books, consumer seminars and workshops can help. Needless to say, our team of mortgage professionals is here to assist you with your mortgage needs.



2008 is just around the corner and it is always fun to look back.  Do you remember when only really wealthy people owned a Mercedes or BMW?  The wealthy were also the only people with 3000 square foot houses, boats and vacation homes.  They went on extravagant vacations and stayed in luxurious ho...
Owning real estate can be extremely lucrative, especially when you own multiple properties over extended periods of time.  With Americans spending more and saving less every year, we have to find a way to save for retirement.  If you have not started saving, you might consider real estate as an i...
The market has flattened out and many of you may be thinking, "I should purchase a foreclosure and save some money."  Over the past eight years, we have seen very few houses sold at foreclosure auctions.  The foreclosures that we have seen on the market have been few and far between.  Furthermore...
Here is a short list of improvement values that I gathered off the internet last year.  In each case, you can see how many different records I averaged as well as the approximate recoupable percentage of each improvement.  This may be helpful to those selling their home as well as to agents who n...
1.  Pricing Your Home Too HighA real estate agent can research comparable sales in your area and advise you of the appropriate price range of your property.2.  Taking an Inflexible Position on FinancingHave your agent explain what financing options are available.  Being flexible on financing term...
Here is another great form for home-buyers.  This form will allow you to compare up to three homes in a side-by-side manner allowing you to easily figure out which home is the best match for you.  Most importantly...HAVE FUN!Home Buying Checklist123Property Address    Asking Price      Age of Hom...
  1. How many homes should I consider before purchasing?There is no set number of properties you should see before deciding to purchase a home.  Be sure to inform your real estate agent about everything you are looking for in a home.  Frequent communication with your agent will help you avoid was...
Before you waste your time veiwing homes that don't meet your specifications, it is a good idea to know exactly what you are looking for in a home.  In this way, you can compare your perfect idea of a home against the homes available in your local MLS (supplied by your real estate agent.)  Follow...
 Employment Opportunities - Are you a phenomenal loan officer who has difficulty creating leads?  At Intuitive Loans, we are always looking to expand our knowledgeable staff by hiring third-party loan originators across all 50 states.  Contact Us today to set up your initial phone interview.  Wh...
 Aaron Reno Aaron Reno has been working directly and indirectly with computer technologies and real estate throughout his career. Most recently, Aaron utilized his computer skills to develop company-wide systems at a multi-million dollar literacy company for children ages K-12. After completing h...

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