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The Real Estate CyberSpace Society scours over tons of real estate sources on the web daily. When they find one that rates a "Top 25" ranking it appears in the "Top 25 CyberTools" section at their site, which is loaded with real estate resources. A visit here can save you a lot of time and zero y...
We'll bet that you have a few (or many) programs that are clogging up your computer and gathering dust from lack of use. Many folks never get rid of these because it's often to much a hassle to head all the way to the Control panel, locate "Uninstall Programs", wait for the selection page to popu...
Are you tempted to lay out $500 for Microsoft's Office? If so it might be worthwhile to check out this all-purpose office suite that does just about everything the expensive version does (except e-mail). This software suite is the leading open-source office software for word processing, spreadshe...
Fraud is a huge business. Hoards of bad guys have discovered that dupery is a very profitable job--- and the hours are good.AARP has created and publicized a formidable site they call the Fraud Watch Network. They lead with the following: "Every 3 seconds someone's identity is stolen."Their netw...
Remember "Mission Impossible"? This was the movie and TV show where the boss sent the secret agent his latest mission instructions on a fancy recorder. About five seconds before the recorder self-destructed, the agent would be admonished, "As always, should you or any member of the Force be caug...
Did you ever think that perhaps there was too much information about you on the web - like your birthday? Think maybe you have signed up for too many networks and shared too much personal information? Think that the networks are stealing your valuable time? If so, here's a trick to get you out of...
We're sure that you have scratched your head and thought "That e-mail is too good to be true". If you did, you were right. They're out there trying to pocket your money using one of the many scams that pass through our e-mail boxes every day from the fraudsters - the scam artists - the bad guys w...
What browser are you using? Statistics show that web travelers are increasingly using alternate browsers. For example a compilation of the latest studies shows that Chrome leads the non-mobile browser pack with 46%, followed by Internet Explorer at 21% and Firefox at 17%. Others like Opera and Sa...
Ever check out all of the programs installed on your computer and wonder if it makes sense to remove a few? Should you ask yourself if they are all necessary - or even useful? Got a bunch of adware, toolbars, bloatware, crapware and other junk? If so here's the ticket to help you answer those sor...
Don’t fret if you’re trying to sell your home as the tinsel’s going up. There are some little known advantages to selling through Christmas and New Year. There are challenges to selling your property through Christmas and the new year. Many agents close up shop and have a break, people get distra...

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