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The inspiring design, llc. PageRank Tool With all the talk of SEO, SEM, SE... What is important, and what is not??? Google makes it a bit easier to rank yourself and find out, "What is your Google Juice?"PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. When one page...
In previous articles I combed over Google Gadgets for your iGoogle homepage. Now, I move into looking into Google Gadgets for your website. How can you male it that a user of your site doesn't need to leave? Simply give them all of what they need online in one place - your place. The following ar...
Its that time of year again, and I am not talking about Groundhog Day, even thought it is an undervalued national holiday (and a equally undervalued and spectacular Bill Murray movie.)    Nope, its tax season. And if you are like me, and run a small business, that’s great for your accountant, and...
I try not to blog too much about what has already been talked about, but could only find one article on, and since I have been playing with it extensively this morning, thought I would share a bit, and hopefully solicit some feedback. So to start, what is gizmoz? In short - it is a ser...
Web Design and Hosting PackagesLocation: DC Metro is a professional web design company in the Washington D.C. Metro Area supplies services of web design/development, web application development, website hosting, search engine promotion (SEO), online marke...
The following is a list of 40+ online web 2.0 websites, applications, and communities, some that are in beta (or even alpha) development stages. If you know if one we missed, by all means tell us, this should be an organic, ever growing list. Home Values Zillow It allows anyone to find rough esti...
SpokeoWhen I stumbled upon this site and looked at the tool for a minute or two, I thought, "hey this could be interesting".  After I entered my email and fed it my contact list of 450 people, I went from interested, to amazed, to nervous, all in about 3 minutes.  I think for what the tool was de...
Why you should use them to get local info, list your business with, and even own your own… It started out as the World Wide Web. It was amazing the reach one could have, chatting to someone in Ireland, buying something from South Africa, emailing someone in New Zealand, all from your living room...
iGoogle is a customizable homepage allowing users with a google account (get one here) to add Google Gadgets and RSS Feeds to your homepage. There are over 25,000 gadgets available and there is the ability to create your own from a template. We have sifted through thousands of gadgets to bring th...
.inspiring.estates. is a content management system (CMS) geared specifically to Real Estate agents, that allows you to manage properties on your website in an easy and effective way. This powerful combination enables you to run a real estate website and use the most user friendly open source (rea...

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