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For all those people out there that do not yet understand what a infrared camera can do for them on a home inspection, here is an example. Without touching any of the circuits we are able to tell what the temperature of each breaker is when running hotter than normal. The top wire at the right co...
Looking for a good home inspection company? I got one for you, call me. I have over 30 years experience in the construction trade. Why not put that experience to work for you. Many people hire an inspector based on things they are going to point out the negative things about their home. We pride ...
This one is for all the Blogers who do nothing but sit in front of there computers all day long and talk or send there boss,s money on mindless gaming on that $3,000.00 dust collector. Can anyone out there tell me what they are looking at ? And I do not mean someone who knows ( Inspectors, profes...
This warm weather will not last forever. Sooner or later we all will have to turn on those heaters and load up the fireplace with the first of many winter logs. With the weather giving use the nice extended stay of warmth most of us have NOT thought about cleaning our chimney flues or having any ...
Yes, always if this is possible. Questions should be asked by the buyer about the new Home they are buying to know just what they are getting for their money. The inspector needs to point out both the GOOD points as well as the repairs or maintenance issue that need to be attended to. No home is ...

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Home inspections- do you need them and should the buyer with the inspector?