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"I Love my new home."  Those words are music to every real estate professionals ears.  But singing those words the week after you've moved into your new home and singing them again after you have been living there for a year are very different songs. Buying a home, whether it is your first home o...
This is a tough housing market. Property prices that soared during the housing "bubble" have dropped like a rock since the bubble burst.  Many sellers are paying mortgages on homes that are worth less than they owe, and may be valued at less (meaning negative equity) for some years to come.  Ther...
"Is there any wiggle room in the price?"  It's a great, simple innocently straight-forward question every well-schooled Buyer's Agent should always ask. Why? Because it sets up the conversation with the Seller's Listing Agent that hints the Buyer is interested and is looking at options - of which...
In the Disney classic animated film Snow White, the 7 Dwarfs sang "Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It's off to work we go..." In today's chaotic, stressful economy not only is that refrain becoming rare, but as more and more families experience job loss and cut-backs, making the monthly mortgage payments becomes h...
"I'm looking for a really great deal in Lassiter," she exclaimed. "A really great deal!"  Well, okay. Who isn't if you're optimum choice of High School districts is the well respected Lassiter High School district in East Cobb/Marietta. In the sub divisions surrounding Lassiter in both Marietta a...
According the the official Roswell Georgia website, "Roswell, GA, is an affluent suburb of Atlanta that is renowned for its high standard of living. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Roswell was 79,334 in the year 2000 and its total land area is 38.6 square miles. In 2008 Ros...
Knowing the historical valuation of an Area is one of the critical research pieces required when deciding how to price an offer to purchase a home as well as understanding the current value of your property when selling a home. The Atlanta Metro area is divided up into Areas - smaller segments of...
A great sigh of relief could be heard rising up from all the first time home buyers and their loan officers in the Atlanta Metro area who were struggling to get loans cloased before the looming June 30th Tax Credit deadline. At the 11th hour - just hours before the deadline - the US House of Repr...

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