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As a Brevard County Mortgage Expert, Joe writes on all things related to the mortage industry and other related events for Brevard County, Fl.
Another Great month For  Brevard County Real Estate! Here is a powerful and positive little fact: sales for single family residences for Brevard County are up over 22% for July of 2009 verses July of 2008.  That is an astounding year over year number.  Additionally, new listings are down slightly...
The FHA is a great loan as it gives home owners a very low down payment option, allows features that conventional loans do not (a conventional loan is any loan that is not a government loan), and has historically very low interest rates.  Currently the FHA will allow a loan amount up to $291,250 ...
According to the  Brevard County MLS, 30% of the single family residence sales, year to date, are marked as bank owned properties.  I am not sure of the exact amount that are short sales, however, these are also dominating the market. While we may be reaching the bottom of the market, these trans...
Simply put: a short sale is when the seller of a property owes more on the property than they are selling it for.  So if the sellers owe $200,000 on a house, and they are selling it for $150,000, then they are asking the lien holder to take the loss for the difference or the short.  Short sales a...
Hard Work Does Not Guarentee Success, But No Work Guarentees FaliureFABREGAS   THis is a great quote.  Over the last few years I have seen this principle make the difference between success and failure.  If you do nothing, you can bet nothing will happen.   Joe Harris Mortgage professional
Looking though different groups, I continue to see blogs with hundreds of comments.  These blogs are simple, more argumentative than thought provoking, and not that factual.  What kind of blog do I need to write that will have an impact on the Activerain community? Typically, I blog about the mar...
The YPB is a great local organiztion with the mission statement "To inspire and empower career-minded individuals to engage in civic, social and professional development."  I thought I would put a plug out for this event (which is members only) that is happening tonight. Members only networking ...
This is what professional service looks like: •  Face to Face meetings •  Full disclosure and explanation of costs and process •  True and dependable Pre-approval •  Professionally managed expectations •  Timely and accurate weekly updates to all parties •  A highly trained and experienced proces...
As a mortgage professional, I am always looking for ways to market, network, and increase business in an economically sensible way.  I have many different referral relationships currently in place, and my business is fairly strong.  Recently I was invited to a BNI meeting by a very successful rea...
What a great time to be a first time home buyer Did you know that if you have not owned property in the last 3 years that you are considered a first time homebuyer?  That means that you may be eligible for the $8000 first time homebuyer credit if you purchase a home before December 1st, 2009. The...

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As a Brevard County Mortgage Expert, Joe writes on all things related to the mortage industry and other related events for Brevard County, Fl.