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This blog is for rental property owners interested in property management companies in Broward County and Palm Beach County. It is also for those who have a general interest in property management. Florida Management and Consulting Group has been managing property in South Florida for over 30 years. We manage property from Delray Beach to Hallandale Beach and everywhere in between! Feel free to add your comments.
Questions that we are frequently asked as property managers in South Florida: Q--What do you do when a tenant doesn’t pay the rent? Also, how do you handle problem tenants?       A-- When the tenant doesn’t pay rent on time we contact them to find out why. The law is very specific about what step...
    Questions that we are frequently asked as property managers in South Florida: Q-- Besides managing property, can you also lease my property and help me to find new rental property investments? How do you find tenants for your rental properties? A-- Leasing to the right tenant is job one. If y...
QUESTIONS THAT WE ARE FREQUENTLY ASKED AS PROPERTY MANAGERS IN SOUTH FLORIDA How much experience do you have actually managing property?  Is experience necessary?                                I personally have been a "hands on" property manager for 32 years. In that time I have learned what wor...
One of the questions that we are frequently asked as property managers in South Florida is: Do you manage any home or condo or do you only select certain properties? We are selective in the properties we are willing to take on responsibility for. We look for an owner who is willing to maintain th...
    How do I find a good property manager? How can I tell the difference between a really good property manager and someone who is just getting by?  As far as I know, there is no list of "good" property managers. There are, however, some characteristics of a property manager that would be common ...
      Why should I pay someone to manage my rental property? Maybe you shouldn't... If you have the time, maybe you should manage your own property. If you have the necessary experience, maybe you should manage your own property. If you have access to competent legal advice, maybe you should mana...
What does a property manager do? A property manager gets involved in many things other than collecting rent and enforcing the terms of the lease. Hiring competent contractors, making sure they do the job right and stand behind the job, and ensuring that the tenant is happy is a big job. Deciding...
Does your property management company employ a full time customer service manager? At Florida Management and Consulting Group we have a full time team member designated as our Customer Service Manager. His job is to guarantee outstanding customer service to everyone- especially tenants and landlo...
How much experience does your property manager actually have? How much experience do they have actually managing residential property? There are actually 3 factors to look at here: -How many years have they been in the property management business?    -Many property managers have only been around...
  When is the best time to evict a tenant? It's a question that all property managers have to ask themselves from time to time. We believe that the best time to evict a tenant is before you give them the keys! It is vital to find out as much as one can legally find out about a prospective tenant ...

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