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Real estate call capture hotlines have always been marketed as great tools for capturing more buyer leads. This is indeed true, but they are also good for sellers. Why? Because sellers want their home to sell fast. To sell the home fast, you need to find the right buyer. A real estate 800 number ...
A quality MLS Search can go a long way in generating qualified buyer leads. That's why we recently put together a white paper on the 5 Essentials that every MLS Search should have. It's surprising how many don't! 9 out of 10 of your site visitors are there to search for homes, so make sure your M...
We've mentioned before that we believe using companies that do not specialize in online marketing specifically for REALTORS can result in missed opportunities. Though their product may work, it likely won't have the specialized features that can give you that extra edge.For example, there are a l...
Customer Service is probably not the first thing you think of when you start looking for a website, but you know its important. So many horror stories come down to a simple lack of support. The problem is every website provider out there claims to have great support that will never leave you hang...
Property tours are a great way to create excitement and intrigue for homebuyers. Many agents use virtual tours, but did you know that there’s a better alternative to virtual tours? ConnecTel Audio Tour Hotlines provide a comparable tour experience, with 5 Key Advantages: 1. With 800 number hotlin...
Every few months we interview one of our customers for our quarterly newsletter, iHOUSE Blueprint. We love talking to our customers to hear how they are doing and how our products are working for them. This month we spoke to Neil Case, an Antioch, CA REALTOR.Like many places, the Bay Area was hit...
When visitors come to your website, 90% of the time they are looking to search for homes. Too many agents add a free link to their MLS or to REALTOR.com and then never give it a second thought. If this is the number one thing buyers are looking for on your site, shouldn’t it be where you put the ...
Pay-Per-Click is a great way to get more traffic to your website. But choosing a PPC provider that will work for you is difficult. Most companies don’t specialize in Pay-Per-Click for Real Estate which can lead to missed opportunities and a lack of communication.  We encourage you to learn more a...
Kevin Miller is an Indiana real estate agent. He’s a pretty normal guy, except he gets an average of 83 homebuyers to call him each month. Find out how Kevin uses his ConnecTel 800 Number to generate half of his business. If you follow his tips, you could be seeing similar results! Read our free ...
We all know how important it is to have an MLS Search page on your website. Some MLSs provide free links you can use, but a lot of these don't have all the features that you need. An IDX MLS Search fills in these gaps by providing a user friendly search experience as well as lead generating featu...

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