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If you look at real estate marketing tools, 90% of them are designed for single agent use. This makes sense since most real estate professionals are agents, but what about the real estate brokers and agent teams that need their marketing tools to work for dozens of agents too? As a vital element ...
Have you ever noticed that when the economy is down, you hear that it is now more important than ever to do more marketing? Have you also noticed that when the economy is up, you still hear that it is now more important than ever to do more marketing? Why is that? Because if you are serious about...
Take a minute to think about this question: what is the cornerstone of your real estate marketing plan?Was your answer your website? If so, don’t feel too bad, that’s a good answer. But your website actually shouldn’t be the cornerstone of your marketing plan and we’re here to explain why.While a...
Every year people don their greenest clothing on March 17th and celebrate Irish culture. We're not going to get into all the history of Saint Patrick's Day. Instead, we're going to focus on one aspect of Irish culture, at least as we've defined it - Luck. The true meaning of the phrase "the luck ...
I was doing a bit of research earlier and came across this article in REALTOR Magazine. Designing for Women: See It From Her PerspectiveThe article emphasizes the importance of the major role that women play in the decision of which home to purchase. According to the article, there are four types...
Technology is always updating. Every minute of every day. It’s practically impossible to stay up to date. I mean, I updated my browser last week and there’s already a newer version available. And my browser isn’t the only thing that’s changing. When companies can provide free enhancements and upg...
Everyone here knows that getting new leads is crucial. I mean, duh! The real issue is how. How do you reach beyond your current sphere of influence to locate prospective home buyers and sellers that you otherwise would never be able to reach? If the Internet is your answer, you’re on the right tr...
Think about the content on your website right now. What kinds of content do you provide that tells a visitor that they have a reason to come back a week (or a month, or a day) from now to see something new? If you can't think of anything, your site will probably not perform well, simply because o...
You’ve probably heard this before, but some things are worth hearing more than once. So here it goes: the first agent a homebuyer talks to is the most likely to help them both buy a home and list their previous home. Sound familiar? We hope so, because this simple fact can make or break your busi...
Websites have come a long way in the last ten years. From basic online business cards to virtual offices, real estate websites in particular have made amazing advances. As a purveyor of real estate technology, iHOUSEweb is familiar with the newest advancements in the industry. For example, new re...

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