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It’s Thanksgiving time again, which means it’s time to reflect on your year and give thanks for everything good. But with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, and that means big sales!Once you’ve stuffed yourself with pounds and pounds of turkey and mashed potatoes, it’ll be time to open up the ads a...
Websites are a great, cost effective way of advertising your business to thousands, even millions of homebuyers and sellers. As with any marketing tool or strategy, you have to consider its effectiveness and the return you are getting from your investment. However, sometimes it’s easy to get side...
Online homebuyers tend to be more educated about the listings available on the market than offline buyers. With the tools available to online homebuyers like automated listing update emails sent from the MLS or IDX search tools, the myriad third-party home search websites like Trulia and Zillow, ...
Everyone has fond memories of homemade chocolate chip cookies. That’s why experts suggest baking cookies in a home shortly before showing it. The scent of the cookies brings back fond memories and helps buyers see the house as their new home!Giving online homebuyers a positive experience can have...
Everywhere you turn lately you'll see the term ‘thought leader’ – in news stories, magazine articles, and interviews. The term itself might be over hyped, but the concept it describes is actually extremely important. According to the ever-knowledgeable Wikipedia, “thought leader is business jargo...
According to a recent eMarketer estimate, over 79% of Americans own a mobile phone. As mobile phones become more and more of a necessity, especially for businesspeople like you, it’s important to keep up to date on what mobile tools are available that will it easier to do business while you are o...
According to the 2009 NAR Tech Report, 81% of real estate professionals have listing search capabilities on their website. This is good news (though that other 19% are really missing out)!The interesting fact is that 75% of agents do not ask visitors to register on their sites in order to access ...
Your website is the most important element of marketing your business to potential clients. It can make or break your online marketing strategy. Yet so many agents buy websites without really knowing what they are getting. Tell me this, would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive first...
There are many options for including an MLS Search on your site, from free links provided by the MLS to a link to Realtor.com to a full IDX service. But the only way that you can keep visitors on your site and encourage them to return is with an IDX service like IDXPro. IDXPro specializes in bran...
Did you sell more than 50% of your listings in 2009? If so, you did well! According to a study by Redfin that was released in August “a survey of seven major housing markets found that less than half of all attempts to sell a home in 2009 had… resulted in a sale.” The study looked at properties i...

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