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Canton Georgia Home Inspector inspects new homes and old home. We also do radon testing Alpharetta Home Inspector Atlanta Home inspector Woodstock Home Inspection pre certified home inspections certified home inspector licensed home inspector Atlanta home inspections money pit dream home blind home inspector
  Atlanta home inspector .  Every Attic tells a story.  What story will your attic tell?  Will it be a drama full of supporting characters that fail, like broken trusses or rafters,  with the general theme relying on a special code?  Maybe it will be action packed with a burning past,complete wit...
Atlanta home inspector .    Feeling light hearted today! Think we will just share some photos that aren’t necessarily “deal breakers”. However, they can be considered a little odd, I suppose.   Featured  is :  A Door for Hobbits, Rust Bucket Garbage Disposal, The Man With The Most Impressive Hand...
Atlanta home inspector .   What causes unexplained respiratory, allergy or asthmatic symptoms? Mold  What gives you  fits of uncontrollable coughing that keep you tired and grouchy? Mold What if we told you the name of the culprit  could be living in your walls, under your carpet, within your wal...
   It’s hard to believe that summer vacation has ended. The big yellow school buses have been opening and closing their doors to students now for an entire week in our community. Homework has quickly replaced playing in the yard. Bedtime has become something that happens too soon after dinner.  W...
Atlanta home inspector.      There is nothing quite as soothing as raindrops on a tin roof. Perfect weather, perfect ambiance, all that’s needed is a good book. Unless, of course the tin roof leaks. Then, all you need are several buckets.     At this recent inspection, the Atlanta home inspector ...
Wood Destroying Organisms! The phrase alone invokes sheer terror, conjuring up images of black and white B movies about mutant insects on the loose. Unfortunately, they are not as uncommon as you might think, but that doesn't make them any less scary.  Termites are perhaps the most common Wood De...
Safety tags are affixed to products for a reason. Even though they seem common sense.  For instance, we were inspecting a home recently, that had an issue with the garage door sensor. We noted the issue and in our report language we explain the danger to children and animals, and reveal the fact ...
  The air smells like barbequed goodness as you, with beverage of your choice and assorted side dishes on plate, ready to sit down on the last patio chair. The one that just seems to be sad and lonely without you. As you make your way across the crowded deck, the anticipation of good food and goo...
07/20/2011 Look around, take a deep breath, and relax for a moment.  Somedays we forget to see what is all around us because we are too busy living in our heads, worrying about meetings, deadlines and responsiblilites. Somedays we forget to feel the gentle breeze on our sk...
All of us with children ( especially little boys, it seems) can relate to the importance of flushing. It would seem that it is a daily reminder in my home. We teach our children to flush the toilet for obvious reasons, but why does the home inspector flush your toilet?   First lets analyze what h...

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