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Canton Georgia Home Inspector inspects new homes and old home. We also do radon testing Alpharetta Home Inspector Atlanta Home inspector Woodstock Home Inspection pre certified home inspections certified home inspector licensed home inspector Atlanta home inspections money pit dream home blind home inspector
On occasion, the Atlanta home inspector will encounter a slithery serpent, all coiled up and hissing. When inspecting an Atlanta home’s exterior, it is important to remember that snakes like to hide in flowers, shrubbery, long grasses and bushes. This is one reason why keeping a tidy yard is impo...
Atlanta offers several choices for a memorable Independence Day Celebration. Whether you enjoy symphonic melodies, hiking, or parades, the choices are endless. There are even special events at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta and at the Braves vs. Cubs game.   Of course the Centennial Olympic Par...
 A question that the Atlanta Home Inspections Team hears quite  frequently is: what exactly do you inspect on the exterior of a home? This prompted us to write this informative little blog about the areas that we inspect. We begin on the roof. There are many inspectors who stay on the ground with...
  Remember when avocado green was all the rage? The Atlanta home inspector remembers – do you?  Trends drift in and out of societal bounds, and seem to eventually come full circle.  Although the seventies fads of shag carpet, wood panel, and in this instance, avocado green appliances, has not mad...
One of them must go!! That is the only solution for this crisis. The dryer vent is blowing lint directly into the A/C unit. The more cost effective relocation needs to happen here to ensure that both appliances are operating efficiently and safely.   Details make the inspectors job interesting. D...
The Atlanta Home Inspection team was struck by a recent conversation with a client, who thought that the appraisal and home inspection were one and the same. While the office cordially explained that home inspections are not the same as home appraisals, the client seemed bewildered to hear such a...
Oh the signs we find at Atlanta home inspections! People are often entertaining, whether they intend to be or not. A good chuckle now and again is good for the inspector’s soul, that’s for sure. Sometimes a well written letter will be left behind, but other times, there are incredible displays. T...
    Do you see the home inspector? Sometimes he is in the most interesting places! Whether it is up high or down low the Atlanta Home Inspector is sure to go to great lengths to show you what you need to know. IHI Home Inspections  404-788-2581 
     How often do you clean your gutters? It is not uncommon for the Atlanta Home Inspector to find cluttered gutters, particularly this time of the year. There are many reasons to clear the gutters of debris. Not only will the curb appeal increase, but the overall integrity of the home can be en...
  This is just one of those days, where words escape me. Rather than drone on and on about a topic that does little to satisfy curiosities; I will just  post this picture. Sometimes I consider myself lucky, just to get the opportunity to see images like this from a rooftop. Sometimes I just want...

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