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Full motion, high definition videos of properties for sale like this one http://bit.ly/2S1KJr are in demand from home buyers and home sellers and are the future of real estate marketing. Yet it seems that not so many real estate professionals are using videos so far. Many agents are using slide s...
Cash for clunkers was a success in many ways. It helped the economy,  it helped many new car owners who took advantage of $4,500 offerred by this program. It is still helping and will help them saving money on fuel cost in years to come, when they are going to drive their newly purchased, more ef...
Houston homeowners (and not only Houston homeowners), be aware of Foreclosure Rescue Scams! In addition to my previous blog regarding Foreclosure Scams, here is a very good article regarding this topic http://bit.ly/hI0LE
In a current real estate market, when people are not able to pay their mortgage on time,scam artists prey on struggling homeowners and often target defendants named in foreclosure proceedings. Don't let them take advantage of you, your situation, your house or your money. The best way to avoid be...
There are few reasons why sellers will either not accept buyers with FHA loans. First reason is that this is much longer and more complicated process than with conventional loans. Second is the risk which home sellers are facing of taking house off the market for a month or longer (with recent re...
Here is a feedback from the Sellers of the house at 4630 Connies Court Ln. and their experience of working with Irena Gorski, where they said: " I don't think that we have anything other than good things to say about whole transaction, whole approach to the deals.We were able to successfully buy ...
Instead of doing traditional Open Houses, Houston real estate agents will be better off, having their listingsas an Open House 24/7 in Houston  Real Estate Videos due to recent Sign Ordinance Enforcement in Houston   After some period of relative calm, Houston Sign Ordinance enforcement is back i...
There are many blogs and many discussions regarding Open Houses and real estate videos. Many different opinions and when I read them, I see that amazingly very big number of real estate agents has negative opinions regarding real estate videos. It looks like they are trying not to understand that...
I found this really good article in Broker Agent News written by Michael E. Parker (regarding reducing real estate commissions) which I would like to share with you. Here is just a sentencefrom the article "I have learned the true meaning of phrases like "damning with faint praise" and "accentuat...
While in other parts of the country real estate market is sufferring, here in Houston we have much differentsituation with Houston Real Estate . Per Houston Association of Realtors total property sales for the month of September 2006 totaled 7,163, which was a 17.8 percent increase over September...

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