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In the past two weeks I have been very busy running around....a running marathon, a residential marathon, and the most tiring....searching for that rapidly dissappearing piece of real estate called a warehouse.What is happening is as fast as I show a couple clients actively looking for a warehous...
On the way home last Friday, I discovered yet another new restaurant...although missing chairs, the food was fresh, incredibly great and my favorite word....inexpensive! Like many new eateries in New Orleans, this one takes basic Chinese restaurant fare, combines with old creole recipes and turns...
Soon, I will just start adding pictures to my blog, because what is happening in New Orleans is so incredibly exciting..with this billion dollars of construction in a zipcode brings an amazing level of growth...activity that almost boggles the mind...from residential, to commercial...and the real...
So my business partner and me were out early this morning determined to tear out all the plumbing in one of our buildings in 4 hours or less.  So with generator, and tools in hand, I crawled under 100 yrs of history making my way past miscellaneous glass, bones, blacksmiths square nails from back...
So I literally wear several hats on a daily basis, sometimes running into the house, changing from Construction clothes to Real estate suits, back to construction clothes in a typical day.About a week or so ago, I drove home in the pouring rain, ran in the house, leaving my 8th cell phone since K...
So after a busy Mardi Gras, between working leases, other contracts and costumes one can't feel but positive about what is going on on Broad Street, Tulane and Canal.Specifically, watch the major commercial zones that have been overlooked for years.  It is not just the commercial movements, there...
So Mardi Gras is almost here...so as I run around showing, working contracts and following contractors, living in New Orleans can be stressful this time of year..between the work and working towards the weekend...but the ability to be in such a wonderful place and go get fresh veggies, seafood an...
MMmm...walking with my bride tonight we noticed two trailers, freshly placed on an empty lot on Bienville, Midcity (New Orleans)...close to Jefferson-Davis.  Looks like Construction Trailers..for the massive project getting ready to break ground across the street.  These Atlanta developers are pl...
So here I was, bringing electrical materials to one of my projects on Broad Street, and lo and behold I noticed that the Falstaff building located just off Broad and Tulane had all brand new windows.It is so amazing that the media has not caught on yet, but we are talking about a building that ha...
How amazing it is to see changes everyday in the New Orleans marketplace! More and more people are coming back into our city...educated, skilled and ready to invest.  Such a shift is creating an environment of unprecendented growth we expect to continue into 2008.  

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