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Starting my 5th year in real estate I looked back on all of the advertising/marketing I have done.  Post cards?  Did that for a year. Nothing.  Calendars and football schedules.  Tried that too and got the same result.  Nothing.  All of the so called "tried and true" methods of marketing just st...
February is a busy month in our sleepy little town of Dripping Springs.  It all gets started with the Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce's "Suits and Boots" community award dinner.  Held this year at the Salt Lick Pavilion it's going to attract everyone who's anyone and a few like me who just l...
The Real Estate boom of the past few years saw an explosion of licensed agents signing up to sell properties.  At one point one out of every 250 people in this country was a licensed Realtor.  Buyers were hiring brand new agents to handle the transaction of one of the most valuable assets they ha...
Ask anyone in the real estate industry in Dripping Springs what's happening locally and they'll tell you that our real estate market has changed significantly in the past 2 years.  Once, you could pad your list price by 10% and still sell your home.  Once, you could do a marginal job preparing th...
In Dripping Springs, the town where I live, in 1999 the average sold price per acre for land sales, in tracts larger than 10 acres, was $4050 per acre.  In 2008 the average sold price per acre was over $15,000.  That annual rate of return over the 10 years was in excess of 11% for land purchased ...

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