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I can say that I have had a career where I have enjoyed what I did.  I have enjoyed doing many interesting things during my many stops.  As a  Baby Boomer with lots of knowledge and experience and love mentor people who are newer in their HR careers.  I receive great satisfaction and reward from ...
 Are you afraid to let go and is this hurting your business growth? To be totally clear I am not talking about compliance and standards.  I am talking about telling how to do everything rather than telling them what needs to be done. Why do you want to be a control freak when there is a much easi...
According to records Halloween is one of the biggest holidays for commerce. Yes, trick or treating has become big business.Christmas is the biggest holiday for commerce.  It includes all of the house decorations.  But did you know that some areas go all out for Halloween.Here in Armonk we have tw...
If you have had been doing great in your real estate group in the past that alone does not guarantee that it will continue in the future. To quote investment company advertisements, “past performance is no guarantee of future results.” You need to have a leading indicator. A leading indicator wou...
Are there some habits or behaviors that you hope to eliminate next year?  It is good to eliminate bad habits but be committed to working on it.If bad habits were easy to change, we would have so much more success. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, bad habits and bad behaviors are the ...
I am just winding down and ready to leave from a wonderful weekend in Charlotte.  It would have not have been complete without an AR meetup with Debe Maxwell, CRS and Nina Hollander.Sorry that my iPhone ran down in the restaurant so I am using Debe's picture. It was almost a year since we all met...
How did I get to where I am today?  It really was a very logical progression and I am now doing the best of was I did in previous careers.I started my career out of college on the Sears executive training program.  The purpose of the program was management development to be an eventual VP.  It wo...
Have you ever thought about what it takes to be a good leader? If you asked that question to a room full of people you would probably get different answers. That is because leadership is complex and situational. Leadership and management is much more complex than mastering an individual job. For ...
The Business Council of Westchester is the premier business organization in Westchester County New York.  Being an active participant in this organization is a must if you want to be a serious business player in the county.  I am a proud member and ambassador to this organization.  On Thursday ev...
“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” That line from the movie Cool Hand Luke highlights a fundamental problem. There are many times in our business and personal lives where we don’t achieve a desired result from directing, explaining, or urging action. I would like to concentrate here...

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