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I have chosen a wonderful AR member who has been a mentor to many.  My choice Debbie Reynolds , has not been active lately and her absence is felt.Debbie is a knowledgeable and well experienced real estate agent.  Her positive attitude toward other members and Active Rain was displayed in all of ...
Do you have a set way that you travel to your office?  Have you ever arrived and can't remember some of the turns you took?  But maybe you always take that way because you know the route.  Why don't you try a different route?  Perhaps it is just easier this way.  How similar is that to the way we...
Yesterday was National Make a Friend Day.  Conincidentally, it was also our annual day to visit our legislators in Albany, NY.Each year the The Business Council of Westchester goes with its members to visit state representatives.  We see all of the people in the Westchester delegation, the budget...
There is a distinction between management and leadership. They are both necessary but have different purposes.  You need structure and order and that is handled by management.  But an organization must have vision, values, and inspiration and that is handled by leadership.  How is your balance?Ma...
I am so pleased to be named as the co leader of the HR Council which is a special sub group at the Business Council of Westchester. The Business Council of Westchester is Westchester County New Yorks's largest and most prestigious business membership organization representing more than 1,000 memb...
I know that today is Super Bowl Sunday but it is also Groundhog day.When I think of Groundhog Day, I can’t help but think about the movie with Bill Murray. You might remember the movie. Bill Murray played a weatherman who continually woke up to Ground Hog day every morning. It was so funny it was...
The Business Council of Westchester is hosting another Power Breakfast along with Tompkins Mahopac Bank.  This time it is all about marketing and your plan for 2020. This will be a great opportunity to hear leading experts as they share what is timely and trending in today’s marketing, PR, print,...
I agree when someone says if it is not broken don't fix it.  But don't be complacent.  Are you watching trends?  Incremental changes could be occurring in your business? Over time things have changed in Real Estate, haven't they?  Just think of technology, online presence, demographic and generat...
Each Spring, beginning in Februray, I have been working with entrepreneurs in Westchester County to help them take their business to the next level.  The program was originally called The Acadamy for Entrepreneurial Excellence.  Later on the Workforce Investment Board for Westchester/Putnam provi...
No one likes to be sold. The recipient or the buyer who has been sold has the feeling that someone just did something to him or her. Many times, people who feel as if they have been sold have buyer’s remorse. On the other hand, people sure do love to buy. Moreover, surveys have should that people...

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