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I have a choice of writing about one of two communities for this contest. I love them both.  However, I have much more to write about our home for 32 years - Armonk, NY  10504, in the Town of North Castle.We were attracted to this community for the same reason many are attracted today.  Armonk is...
Challenges as we have seen in current days should make a strong case for change. Normally, many people resist change because they are in a comfort zone. However, challenging events such as the Coronavirus are forcing us to make changes. I was speaking to a business owner today who understands her...
I never left the house today but I was busy online.  I even forgot that is was St. Patrick's Day.  Nothing is normal right now.I am working on Zoom which is a great platform and helps you conduct online what you would do in person.  These are two new uses for Zoom.Teach a class.  Almost all unive...
It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. If that is true, then the Coronavirus may have accelerated the creation of virtual teams. Real Estate organization have been moving in the direction for some time as less and less agents come into the office for "floor time." Virtual teams ha...
The uncertainty of the Coronavirus has certainly affect so many lives, businesses, and schedules.  Some things have been unaffected but cancellations have affected.We are certainly used to this in the Northeast in the Winter storm season but we have been hit with extended closing.One example is F...
If you are building your real estate brokerage I hope that you are not picking leaders and then setting them up for failure.Unfortunately, this seems to happen most often by default. The most common mistake is taking an individual performer and promoting that person to supervisor without any trai...
The Business Council of Westchester and Iona College are hosting a unique leadership event on Monday, March 16.  Dan Mulroy will be speaking.  He is an Rising Star Alumnus ( that is he is a members of one of the annual classes of 40 under 40 rising stars.)Dan Mulroy is a former Navy SEAL who serv...
The best way to get people to do want you want done is helping them see what is in it for them. That's WIIFM! One way to do this is to give people the pride of ownership in their work. When that happens, they own and take pride in results and they feel accountability for getting it right and they...
Manatees are sea animals in danger of being wiped out.  They swim in warm water and are in the Intracoastal Waterways in Florida.Our boat club is at the Fort Pierce City Marina next to the Fort Pierce Manatee Observation Center. Yesterday, we decided to visit after we got off the boat.As boaters ...
 One sentence with the same words can have many different meanings. Zig Ziglar showed how the sentence “I did not say he beat his wife” could have eight different meanings. Each time you change the voice inflection on a word you change the meaning. Clearly sending a message is not simple. You mus...

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