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I am a member of the New York State Restaurant Association.  Every year at this time they have a large show at New York's Javits Center.I try to network with members of the association at the show.  Some of my sphere of influence are payroll providers, employment lawyers, and systems providors.It...
Would you like to reach your true potential? Then do something that may sound counterproductive. Stop worrying about your weaknesses. Although it is foolish to try to improve your weakness you have been told the opposite since you were in grade school. Even if you attempt correct your weaknesses ...
Last week Phyllis and I had the opportunity to enjoy a few weeks at our home in Florida.  The weather was really great.  I have always enjoyed the water and hoped to get a boat sometime.  I was really fortunate to find out from one of my Florida neighbors about The Freedom Boat Club.As members we...
As real estate agents you are always in the position of looking at a potential listing as a person with fresh eyes. Now as far as your own business how would an outsider see it?   Many times, when you see something every day you stop noticing. Does that make sense? For example, when you started y...
I give back to my community in my time, talent and treasure.  One thing I have been doing is helping non profits who help people in need.  A number of these non profits help people with different disabilities.One such non profit, Richmond Community Services, works with severely mentally and physi...
Westchester employers are asking how they can get productive employees who will stay. I think that Realtor Broker Owners have been saying the same thing about agents in this hot market.  You want your agents to be successful and produce and you will have more of a connection if you can show them ...
Back in 2010 a business owner had visited our BNI and heard what I do.   He came up to me and told me his organization of 10 people needs help.  He told me that the tipping point was the loss of a large client.  He knew it was his company's fault and felt that it should have been avoidable.  He t...
 Do you think of a good salesperson as being a good hunter?  Unfortunately, that is the perception some people have about sales.  They think of the skillful of hard driving individual who “closes” a client. This is not today’s sales. And here is another fact. We are all in sales no matter what ou...
With the title able I am sure that I have captured everyone's attention.  After all who does want to build or improve on their brand?  We are fortunate that our regional chamber known at The Business Council of Westchester promotes and showcases the best thought leaders.  All business leaders in ...
I remember seeing the movie Ground Hog Day and thinking how hilarious it was to wake up every day and repeat the previous day over. We would not want that life but how many of us have Ground Hog Day at our business or our career? How many of us get up in the morning when the alarm rings, go to th...

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