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The area of Tradition, an association of many neighborhoods, hold various events.Property owners in Tradition are Members of this Association, along with being Members of their individual neighborhood homeowners associations. The Master Association is responsible for the operations and maintenanc...
People do not buy your company. They buy you. You need to know what you do that keeps them continually buying you?  If you are a broker or a team leader any missteps by your team are seen as missteps by you.What is the best way to have a steady stream of these loyal customers?   Under promise and...
I did not want to miss today's Zoom call with Ben Kinney since Ben was going to tell us the progress of the Active Rain updates.  Sometimes I join in the car but today we joined on a boat.We had a comfortable spot as we stopped at a spoil island on the Intracoastal Waterway in Florida.Interesting...
There are many real estate brokerages with a good business plan and a sound marketing plan but if they don’t know why they are in business or what business they are in the are missing a key ingredient. Surprisingly, many businesses cannot say why they are in business, nor can they articulate thei...
Carol Williams and Kathy Streib have invited us to answer 21 questions below to tell about ourselves. After some thought here are my answers. 1. What was your first job and what did you learn from it?My first job other than newspaper carrier was as a janitor (sexton) for the church we attended. T...
If you are doing fine you might not be interested but sometimes we look for things to improve and are disappointed when we see no change. It is almost as if we are waiting for something to happen. But there are some who know that if they want something to happen, they must be the ones to make it ...
The last time we were able to see legislators in person was before Covid.  In fact, we, The Business Council, were the last group to visit the capitol in March 2020.  The next week it shut down.  It has now reopened.It is always great to see how your state government works (or doesn't work).   To...
Now might be a good time to look at the strategic direction of your company. Here are two basic questions. What business are you in? Are your employees aligned and are they doing the right things for the right reasons? What business are you in? Don’t laugh. What product or service do you really p...
Networking is much more than a marketing strategy for me.  It is about building relationships and creating spheres of influence.  I have a strategy.  First of all, I always talk about the Business Council of Westchester.I am also a member of two other chambers of commerce The Stamford Connecticut...
Have you lost your way in the last few years? You can find your way back by finding your why.Find your why and make sure the why of your team why is aligned with yours. Then the way (how) will present itself.Goal planning is not about writing down a list of tasks. Instead, it starts with a why wh...

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Great Leaders create engaged employees who create and maintain loyal customers and successful and sustainable business outcomes. As leader of Performance Development Strategies I create successful business outcomes. Our organization helps executives and business owners solve their business issues by leveraging their greatest asset - their human capital. We create cutting edge leadership development through group workshops and individual coaching. I help businesses go from "good to great."