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When you are doing something that you really love you never work a day in your life. How true that statement is. That is good for the individual, but it is just as good for the employer. Inner engagement leads to higher quality work, less mistakes, less illness, and retention.Start with yourself....
This past Sunday was Frosty Day in Armonk New York.  For the past 12 years this has been celebrated although last year was substantially toned down due to Covid.As I have mentioned in previous years' posts Frosty has a history in Armonk.  The composer of the song lived in Westchester and was insp...
Given the great resignation and difficulty finding people to join your team it might be very easy to overreact. Don’t do it. The wrong people will do more damage than no people. Please remember that culture combined with team engagement has proven to improve outcomes including financial performan...
I have enjoyed reading many of the gratitude posts this week.  I did not have time to participate but I want to add my comments.Like many in Active Rain we have friends and we care for each other.  Phyllis and I were in our house in Florida but arranged to be back in Armonk because one of our fri...
Ask a business owner how it is going. You might get the answer, “very busy.” Is that a good thing? It depends. If it means lots of customers and revenue that is a good thing. Many times, it means that they are so busy just keeping the business running. In this case the business is running them.Ju...
A Zoom event in person?  Can that be right.  Well it was.  This afternoon at 4:30 the Business Council of Westchester held another one of its Leadership Conversations.This one was with Harry Moseley who is the Global Chief Information Officer for Zoom.  This was a disappointment for me since I am...
Virtual teams can be top performing teams. Not every organization needs a virtual team or prefers to have one, but these teams are a reality, and they can produce top results. The number of virtual teams or home office workers is steadily growing.Regardless of the composition of the team, the com...
After a fast few months we flew down to our Florida house for two weeks.  Sunday morning we were greeted in our backyard with these new creatures.  I wasn't sure what they were.  The Sandhill Cranes are now nowhere to be found.In addition we have an entire new family of ducks.Watch them follow th...
Positive outlooks lead to positive results. Attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, and values make up a culture. Every organization has a culture, but the real question is whether it is a culture that produces positive outcomes. If it does not you may need an intervention to help sort out the culture you...
Today was an off year election.  I think that everywhere in the country there are elections.  It is unfortunate that many people don't take the time to vote in these elections.  I am not one who shares my political views but Phyllis and I always make our voice heard on election day.Many of the is...


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