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We have seen some advantages to the online technology we have used in the last six months. I am finding that a greater number of people prefer doing more things online. We are seeing a steady growth of teams who work and collaborate virtually.  People work from home and a working team can be spre...
It seems like the only thing as hot as the real estate market these days is networking on Zoom.  It is catching on everywhere including right here on Active Rain on Tuesdays.We had a great virtual networking event last week on Zoom at the Business Council of Westchester.  We had over 150 people. ...
I was just engaged by a CEO to coach two people: a manager and one of her employees. She (the manager) has problem with the employee’s accountability. He (the employee) does not like being micromanaged. Both people have valid points. There is a delicate balance between control and empowermentHere...
Plenty has happened since I began teaching my HR class at Fordham for the Spring semester in March.I taught the first Saturday and then we were converted to Zoom classes.  The university gave students a chance to withdraw.  The non serious students, I believe, withdrew.  I worked hard with the re...
Setting goals is one of the most important keys to achieving success. Studies have shown that the most successful people are the ones who have specific, written goals.   When you set goals that is only the first step toward the actual achievement of your goals.  Nothing happens until the goal are...
Each year the Business Council of Westchester nominates 40 of the up and coming professionals under 40 years of age.  This year the presentation was virtual but it was very professionally done and highlighted here.This year a large number of the class worked in the health field working some worki...
Do you have a sustainable business?  That is a question that has been asked so much this year! If someone were to ask you if you have a sustainable business would you know how to answer?There is no clear answer to this question. Sustainability means different things to different companies as well...
As a real estate agent you sometimes feel frustration with the big Z or others.  The story I am about to tell about trying to get a dishwasher should make you confident that you can not only compete but excel.On July 10th I ordered a dishwasher from Sears.  Then I got no confirmation about instal...
I am sure you know that your success in real estate does not happen by accident. Success is the result of a focused leader with a positive agenda. Even if you work by yourself you need to be the best leader your can possibly be. Last month I worked with an organization that was having difficulty...
I have known Dagny Eason for as long as I have been in Active Rain.  She has not posted on Active Rain recently, but she still reads posts.  I know that because he has texted me.  It was time to give her a call and find out what is happening in Dagny’s world.Many Active Rainers in Westchester Cou...

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