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One of the fun things about working at Evers & Company is that our broker, Donna Evers, places a great value on having fun.  And, while there are celebrations throughout the year, each December, Donna throws an amazing party to celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or the Winter Solstice - whatever reas...
This is a terrific post.And I do a whole lot of work for friends and family members.  They are my sphere of influence - mmy base!But when you are looking for an agent, your criteria should be experience and competence, not only that the agent is a friend of your second cousin who just got a licne...
I just love this post!  With all of the craziness in the world these days, ideal like this can keep the world fun and maybe even a little safer.  Hmmm.  I must learn more about this Rumi guy.  A recent Wall Street Journal article inspired this post. It was titled: “The Chicago Cubs are the Offici...
Before I start working with buyers, I make sure they have been pre-approved by a lender. And I've noticed that I usually have two numbers to work with.  There is the lender's number, then there is the other one.  The buyer's number.Most of the buyers I've encountered want to spend a lot less for ...
 Yesterday the Washington, DC area  had our first wintry weather.  Throughout the morning there was a layer of ice all over everything.  And when the sun came out, it lit up everything.  This is a leafless tree in my front yard that looks a lot better wearing a coat of ice.  
This was another week of some inspired posts here on ActiveRAin, and I'm guessing that I missed s many as I found!  So here are my favorites:Referral Karma, Baby! Debe Maxwell:  Nothing good comes from being greedy about trying to collect an undeserved referral fee!Year End Questions To Contempla...
Hi.  This is Willie the Labradoodle hacking into Pat's ActiveRain account. Maybe you guys can stage some kind of intervention.  She has been obsessed all week with blogging.  First thing in the morning, she feeds me, and logs onto ActiveRain.  And last thing at night she's on her computer.  And w...
Target marketing is an important part of any good plan to get a listing sold, yet for years, my efforts were completely hit or miss.  Then, while I was at a management retreat, someone came in and told us how to to it.  And while the strategy is pretty retro, the results are still quite wonderful...
Bill and Liz, A.K.A. B'Liz, write many terrific posts, and just in case you missed this one, I decided that a reblog was in order!  And B'Liz is totally on point about this one. ASK AN AMBASSADOR: Blog And They WILL Find You! There's a reason we show up every day here in the Rain.  We KNOW it wor...
I took this earlier this week, and after today's big chill, it's probably a total goner!  This rose bush is down the street, and each year it blooms late into the season.  When I walk Willie, I like to look for some sort of plant life for a great photo, and they're getting really hard to find!  I...

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