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Here's hoping that you and all of the people you care about have a Merry New Year. Oh, and a happy one, too!And here are my special wishes for my ActiveRain blog buddies for 2017: May your clients all pass the fun test - even when you don't! May your transactions settle smoothly, with everyone ha...
 These are my last favorites from 2016, which was, for me at least, mostly a good one.  Hope you are all out having fun ringing in all of your New Year's Resolutions and when you're ready to read a few, here are some of my suggestions:My favorite things: The real estate edition SmartZip Analytics...
This is one of my all time favorite posts on all of ActiveRain - like ever!Debbie shares a wonderful story about how you don't need to make anyone think you have any track record whatsoever when you are new.  They know you.  They know you are smart and have good basic life skills that will serve ...
This is another Paris photo.  It's a gargoyle condominium, also known as Notre Dame Cathedral. These creatures spend their days in their units multitasking.  Their first job is to ward off evil spirits, a task at which they are very experienced.Their second job is a little more practical. Gargoyl...
The other day, one of my favorite blog buddies did a reblog that caught my attention - because it really bothered me!  The major thesis was that 67% of all Realtors felt a lack of confidence when it came to their work.  And that didn't surprise me.  But their solution did.  It was a guide that se...
OK, I have no idea who or what SmartZip Analytics might be, but it is almost as funny as my Jabez Dawes post.  Enjoy! The holidays can be a strange time for real estate agents. Even your most eager clients have stopped texting and you can only play so many games of Yahtzee with your niece and nep...
lMost of my neighbors are pretty subdued when it comes to Christmas decorations.  You'll see outdoor lights on front porches and azalea bushes.  There will be wreaths on front doors. But there is one house down the street from me where the owner is exuberant when it comes to welcoming Santa into ...
Tonight after I sign off of ActiveRain, I will perform my major annual staying in touch ritual. Now, throughout the year, I try to stay in touch with what I think of as "Schmooze Calls" made to clients because there is something I want to tell them or because I just want to call to check in and p...
Just do what Jeff Dowler does, and you will never have to pay one red cent to anyone trying to sell you leads!  I'll bet Jeff becomes a Realtor for Life to all of his clients. Keeping in Touch from Carlsbad   Larry Johnston invited us to participate in a contest this December, Keeping in Touch (C...
 This is a photo from one of the fun moments of my flute playing career.  34 years ago, my friend, Penny Fischer, got a call.  Could she put together a flute choir to play at the White House Christmas party for the members of the Cabinet, the senior staff, and their families. And I was one of the...

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Pat Kennedy -- author of The Irreverent Guide to Real Estate -- gives you a look at life on the streets as a real estate broker in our nation's capital. And her blog is peppered with great advice combined with humor!