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The city of Azusa, CA is bringing back the summer beach trips to Huntington Beach, CA on Wednesday July 6, 2011 and Wednesday July 27, 2011. The bus will depart from Memorial Park 320 North Orange Avenue, Azusa, CA at 8:00 am and return at 5:00 pm.  Transportation to and from Huntington Beach wi...
Glendora Village in the city of Glendora,CA will once again celebrate Independence Day by hosting a day of fun for one and all.  Here is an Itinerary of the day's activities to celebrate Independence Day: 6:30 a.m. Pancake Breakfast  — parking lot between Nelson's Drug Store and the Village Vault...
    Alhambra Almansor Park  800 S. Almansor St.  —   9:00 p.m. For details see cityofalhambraFireworks   Baldwin Park Sierra Vista High School  3600 Fraizer Ave  —  9:00 p.m. For details see baldwinparkFireworks Claremont 333 North College Way  —  9:00 p.m. For details information see claremontF...
The City of West Covina and the West Covina Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is hosting the city's Independence Day Celebration.  Two days of fun and festivities! On July 3rd, 2011 West Covina's activities include a carnival, rides, games, and food vendors. WHERE: Edgewood Middle School 1625 ...
Household chores can be so laborious especially if you do them the old fashion way.  For instance, scrubbing the bathtub.  Using a scrub brush and an abrasive cleaner was the norm but here is something simple that will keep you from breaking your back. A broom. Um hum, a broom!   To avoid bending...
We all know that debt refers to something that is owed, and it is our obligation to pay up or it will fall in a debt collector's hands.  Bills pile up, debt increases, assets are mismanaged, and in the process we are frustrated, it happens.  But a few reasonable adjustments may go a long way towa...
We live in a "wired " world thanks to communication devices and as cell phones become less expensive more and more people will be seen with them.  At some point you may find yourself on the receiving end of unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam).  Some third party companies set up "legitimate" busi...
Back in the 1800's Samuel Morse, an American, invented a unique code of dots and dashes and assigned it to each letter and number to transmit information, hence the name Morse code. On May 24, 1844 his first transmission from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore was "What has God wrought" and as if by m...
We are told to work hard and provide for our family.   To eat drink and be merry.       In other words work hard, play hard.   However, if we work too hard or play too long it can rob us of the more important things in life and it can also lead to serious health problems.  A key to avoiding overi...
Yesterday I saw a disturbing trend involving young people.  How many of you heard the term planking?  The term not only refers to a quantity of planks that are used to cover floors, it also has a second meaning.  Planking is also a crazy, senseless and dangerous act popular in Australia. It invol...

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