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A couple in the Long Beach, CA  area came upon squatters in their vacant home recently.  It was listed, (I can hear the staggers now...) but it didn't stop squatters from spending two week on the property before they were caught. Two weeks and not serviced!? Anyway –  when confronted, the squatte...
You may think of a pick pocket as a person that bumps into you to steal your wallet but now there is a different kind of pickpocket and its called electronic pickpocketing.  How does this work?  By using a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag which sends out electromagnetic waves, and can be...
As a courtesy, we offer a free search tool that enables you to look at homes for sale in San Gabriel Valley, California.  This is the same tool that we use as REALTORS®.  You can search as much as you like 24/7, without entering any personal information.  If you would like to have new daily listi...
"Smile is contagious; just smile at someone and see their reaction". – Unknown author   A smile that is sincere speaks volumes without need for words.  Whether it is a smile of encouragement, sympathy or just a greeting smile.               So smile at someone and see what happens.      

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