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When I was a teen, the only communication devices available back then were televisions, radios, and telephones that were plugged into the wall.  The rotary phone do you remember them?   Here is a scream.  The family while vacationing in the Caribbean one of my nephews wanted to make a call but b...
Is anyone surprise by terrorism we see coming into this country in our own home town or a city nearby?  The unthinkable has happened, the city of Boston, MA was put on a lock down today.  Even if you are spared such inhuman cruelty, you may still have to deal with harassment, neighborhood skirmis...
We are living in a world of high-tech gadgets, pardon me high-tech savvy toys.  Smart phones, iPads, iPods and what ever else is out there to take our attention away from being alert to the people around us.  If we are too engrossed in our cell phones, iPads or iPods in the presents of others it ...
On the TV news a few day ago the anchor by way of a tease said, "Wait until you see..."That phrase wait until you see or wait until you hear doesn't move us or offend us, or is appalling to us anymore especially when it is bad news.  In most cases when the act is heinous yes, at other times no. W...
Everyone likes to talk about the weather and TV news forecast is no exception.  Would you believe the weather forecast on the news today in my neck of the woods is 107°, a new record!  And tomorrow in the high 90s?    It certainly is very, very hot!  The whims of the weather is certainly unpredic...
Bird lovers picture it,  it's early morning, leaves are rustling, the sound of water tumbling over rocks, the morning mist feels refreshingly cool, birds are singing, some chirping as they go about their daily routine. Watching them you can't help but think  that their instinctive wisdom is certa...
L.A. COUNTY FAIRToday September  3, 2012 - September 30, 2012 - Closed on Mondays and TuesdaysADDRESS: The Fairplex in Pomona - 1101 W. McKinley Ave, Pomona, CASee lacountyfair for additional information. FIESTA HERMOSAToday September 3, 2012   10:00 A.M. -  6:00 P.M.ADDRESS:  Hermosa Beach See f...
has always been regarded as a day to rest.  A day to take off work and celebrate with family and friends.  But just how did Labor Day or May Day get its start?   The industrial revolution brought with it changes in how things were done. For instances factory machines ran continuously, and factor...
 A raise in mortgage payments rendering the homeowner at risk of default, or an unemployed homeowner, or a death or disability in a contributing household member is cause for distress.  Economic hardship yes, but for some there is a way out.  The Keep Your Home California was developed to help st...
I read her blog and just had to do a re-blog.  Juli Vosmik has done it again!  Don't what?  She wrote a blog that all of us can learn from that's what!  She read a blog flew off the handle and wrote a less than professional response.  But, because she is a consummate professional, she retracted a...

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