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By Guest Writer John Ancillotti A study from Better Homes & Gardens found five distinct trends in how home buyers look for a house. The survey consisted of 2,000 recent home buyers and 500 real estate professionals. These are the trends they found: 1.  Millennials have higher standards for their ...
Someone recently sent me a message that started "Hello, I don't need any help staging, I would like to choose pieces for dining and livingroom furniture only. Can you give me a ballpark price?"  I was confused. Why would this person be contacting a home stager if she didn't need any help staging?...
Great news for my clients who are listing this month! These are some valid reasons why it pays to get a home listed now instead of waiting until "after the holidays". Serious Sellers Are Selling Before Christmas  Over the last few weeks sellers have asked if they should wait until after Christmas...
It didn't take much effort on my part to rise to the #2 slot on the Activerain leaderboard in Onondaga County, NY. A quick glance shows the Activerain members in my area are not very active. The person in the #1 position hasn't posted anything in over six months, and the person right after me in ...
When I meet someone who asks what I do for a living, they begin to nod their head and repeat the oft-used phrases they've heard about what staging is all about: de-clutter, remove photos, etc.. Kathy Streib's post is a terrific reminder that staging is so much more than that, and every case is un...
 When I talk to people about what I do for a living, I realize they don't really know as much as they let on. We're a mysterious bunch, we home stagers, but I'm going to let you in on a few things that I've kept secret--until now, that is. 1. There is no "us"When I write or say "us" or "we", it r...
Like many professional home stagers, I like to peruse online photos of local MLS listings. There are three common mistakes I see again and again when it comes to bedrooms, and the solution is very easy, once you know what to do. Take a look at the "before" picture and see if you can identify 3 (o...
This blog post by Sharon Tara is a few years old, but it is still very relevant. The before and after photos really hammer home her point. It doesn't have to take much money to prepare a home for sale--you just need to know how to do it, (or hire a pro!). NH Home Staging FAQ - Why Should I Replac...
One Person's Trash Is Another One's Treasure A friend and neighbor of mine found a treasure amongst items headed for the garbage at an estate sale last fall. The homeowner had passed away, and the deceased's daughter was throwing out a bunch of papers and things she considered junk. My friend fou...
Do You Live in a Friendly Town?A lot of towns are friendly, but only some are called "Friendly Towns" by The Fresh Air Fund. Friendly Town volunteer communities, or “Friendly Towns,” are where The Fresh Air Fund’s volunteer host families live, and everyone in these towns is excited to welcome Fre...

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