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5 Questions you must ask your realtor before you list your home for sale. Your house is a major part of your life and when it comes time to sell it you need to get the best possible price. Here are some things to ask your prospective realtor before you list your house for sale. 1 How many homes h...
Some Sugestions for Aurora Colorado Sellers and Colorado Sellers!!! After years of hearing from successful sellers that they didn't have to do a thing to sell, they now need to understand how they can stand out from their competition. Here is a handy list to help sellers determine if some feature...
The use of the borrowed money to finance an investment. As a rule, an investor can receive a maximum return from the initial investment (the down payment and closing and other costs) by making a small down payment, paying a low interest rate, and spreading mortgage payments over as long a period ...
Market Value V.S. Market Price Remember differences! Market Value is an opinion of value based on an analysis of data. The data may include not only an analysis of comparable sales, but also an analysis of potential income, expenses and replacement costs (less any depreciation). Market Price, on ...
Why do Real Estate Agents think they are Appraisers as well??? Real Estate has had so many changes though out the years, and  it's hard to keep track of everything.  One thing that to me  has had a significant change is "appraising a property" as we all know, we are not appraisers, but we can com...
Little TIP for Loan Officers...Be Careful with your Appraisals!!!!! Many of us, I say us, because I USED to do it too, make the HUGE mistake of ordering the appraisal first thing as soon as the offer or contract had been accepted, because we all know, that the lender will always ask for the appra...
First differences between Modular & Manufactured Homes How can you see the first differences between a modular home and a manufactured home? Well, I will explain this, because I have deal with these ones several times for some customers who are looking very inexpensive houses, I have told by an a...
How long does the inspection take?  An average home inspection will take between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the size of the house.  Larger and more complex houses will take longer for the inspector to completely and accurately evaluate.  Another factor that may affect the inspection time is the ...
There are four basic steps to the home inspection.  First, the inspector arrives at the property, makes general introductions and both explains what is going to take place and asks about any special questions or requests.  Next, while the inspection agreement is being reviewed, the inspector will...
5 reasons why an agent should attend to inspection The realtor is the anchor of the real estate transaction.- Sometimes that includes a bit of hand holding with customers to make for a smooth sailing in what can sometimes be stressful situation. Buyer and Seller expectations.- Many buyers and sel...

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