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Those old days to remember in Mexico, I remember so well everything that we did with family and friends, Mexico culture it is quiet different and great too. No offense, but I like many things of Mexico, The food, friendships, traditions, culture, social life. In Mexico everything goes slow and i...
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No offense, but I hate when outdated agents send everything by fax, and refaxes make a big deterioration, so everything that I receive on my side it is just to a bad blurred contract / disclosures. It is very easy to buy Adobe Acrobat PRO and a normal tray feeder scanner and just put it on the tr...
  I am wondering how many of you delete bunch of  files, write, re-write, install software, remove software and receive a lot of emails in outlook inbox?   I bet that many of you are suffering from this disease. If you are not giving a proper maintance to your hard drive at least once a month, yo...
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I was surfing some websites and I  found  a very interesting link that seems kind something fake,  I do not believe if it is good or not, spam, etc, since I know that at first place the search engine #1 it is google, then yahoo, then msn and so on,  I do not remember  if askjeeves it's the 4th, i...
I just wanted to share this amazing tool, I am not sure if someone already wrote about this, but it seems a must. Plaxo 2.0 puts YOU in control With Plaxo 2.0, you have complete control over your privacy and your information. Create Plaxo cards with the information you want to share with your con...

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