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                      Today's Caleb's first day of first grade in Franklin Ma. He's the oldest of my four Great Grandchildren, and here is a photo of both Caleb and his younger brother, Aiden.They live two doors away from me. I hope both of them stop in with their mom on their way home. Fortunate...
                                                                                I recently had some communication, and a surprise visit, from a past client I hadn’t seen in 30 years. He found a post I had recently written on Facebook and reached out to me via text.  He’s into politics now with th...
My future son-in law, Danny Lewis, is the owner of Shaded Spaces, a dealer for StruXure Pergolas. StruXure Pergolas are motorized, aluminum, powder coated outdoor pergola systems of the highest quality. They are seen in hotels, restaurants, country clubs, residents and a variety of other venues. ...
                                It’s already been established that the real estate business is a people business. What needs to be stressed is the fact that the most important people are your "Bird Dogs." Our business is a referral business. However, there are those people who focus on finding bu...
                                              It’s all about attitude. The real estate business is the best profession in the world. Whether one agrees or not, every real estate agent has the “world by the ass.” You each march to your own drummer, give or take a law or two. You each punch in and ...
                                          Since the real estate business is a people business, one of the most important learned tasks is mirroring. One needs to be mindful of this fact, and once the front door opens, the mission of finding a common ground begins. Mirroring becomes easier if ther...
                                                                                     These are variety of my flowering plants; plants that soon will flower; and indoor favorites that are strong, healthy and growing.  The Aloe is a very old plant that continues to sprout new shoots.               ...
                                             Business is part of life, and we do the best business when we make it a reflection of how we live our lives. First, and foremost, 'do unto others as you would want them to do unto you!!'   Play nicely with people, and you'll find that your name will sp...

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