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'....it is ridiculous to see homes selling for a whole lot less than what I paid for mine'  that was the sentiment of one frustrated homeowner recently during a conversation with me.  What hurts them the most is seeing their exact home few blocks down selling for half the price and it is eating t...
If you want to know if there are buyers out there, you first need to make sure you have couple good properties on the market that are ready to sell at realonable price in todays' market. You may also talk to several title companies, they are the ones doing the closing and they can tell you if the...
The once booming community of Poinciana is not immune to the attack of foreclosure, short-sales, etc.  However, despite these negative marks within the community, Poinciana recently added to major power station within the commuity.  What does that mean?  Poinciana is still a community that is gro...
It was reported that late Thursday that a key committee in the House Representative passed legislation which would make it possible for borrowers facing foreclosure to get up to $300 billion in federally insured mortgages.Troubled borrower will have the opportunity to have funds available to them...
 Have you ever had the opportunity to smell orange blossoms?  The wonderful aroma is very refreshing to many.  The image above was once filled with orange groves now; it is replaced by vacant land with nothing but grass, streets, light poles and dirt.  Signs of the times....after all the red tape...
Sometime ago, the local government tried to take over this piece of property for the purpose of road expansion.  The owner was determined to sit is ground and felt he had a right to his property.  Stating he went out and serve his country and deserve to retire on his land in peace.  He received m...
As a thirteen year resident of Poinciana, I've seen dramatic changes taken place right before my eyes.  At one point, one of the biggest complaints for us, was a lack of commercial properties for us to do our shopping and dining.  Now, Poinciana has an influx of new commercial businesses that is ...

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