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I'm not sure what this section does but I'll bite!! :)
Psychology was my major for my undergraduate work, and I always find it's best to go back there now and again! To revisit the ideas and ideals, if you will, that inspired and motivated me.    As I learned way ...way...way back then was that there are two types of motivation; internal and external...
Thank you Margaret, this is a post all about paying it forward.  My husband had a heart attack on Friday in the wee hours, unbenownst to us.  He got up at 3:00 and said he thought the was having a heart attack.  We took him to our small community hospital by ambulance and by 7:30 AM he was being ...
I love, love, love Neil Sedaka.  What a great way to start off the day.  I'm off to my friend's mother's funeral and this song may bring joy into my heart, as her mother loved Neil Sedaka.  What a neat find.  And, what an great rebog.  Home staging might be just the ticket when home buyers are ha...
This is really cool stuff.  If you follow my blogs, you've heard of the Cheeky Assistant - Cinnamon.  She blogged this and I thought it was worth putting it out there for those who read my blog.  This is very intereting.  Things you might want to know when you purchase new tires.  I love tidbits ...
This is pretty cool.  This is how friendships are formed.  Debra Davis from Atlanta, GA posted a comment on my blog.  If I see a comment I like, someone who read and commented on my blog I will go visit their blog.  I like to see what others are saying.  Well, look what I found. Isn't this inter...
This is a great blog.  To advise clients to have a home inspection on a new home.  We all hear that it can take 2 years to get out the bugs of a new home; however, some of those bugs can be corrected before settlement if you know about them.  And, Matt is correct, there is no better position to b...
It's Veterans Day and you must watch this great YouTube Video posted by Valerie, it will move you.  It's a Pittane of time...2 minutes at 11 AM, quite something.  Although a Canadian Tune it does apply to everyone all over the world who have lost someone in their lives who stood tall and proud to...
I'm still fairly new to getting points and how to do it.  I blogged 6 local events for my 4000 points (one was to vote and the other Jan. 1st which needed to be before 1/11) but I did get 4 blogs in.  However, posted my links to the wrong site, apparently because I did not receive my 4000 points....
I love, love, love contests.  Here's an interesting post.  I don't Twitter so I can't enter and I have no desire to tweet on Twitter, it's all I can do to comment and post here and do my FB each day :) I do own a Kodak printer and it's cool that I save so much money.  At Wal-Mart you can buy thes...

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