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I'm not sure what this section does but I'll bite!! :)
I didn't know this.  Where have I been???  Thank you Margaret for pointing this out to us for the Mid-Atlantic MRIS system.  I take it that's what they will be covering?  I often am timed out, as my office in my home and most of my work is done here.  I get distracted by a call or something and I...
It's a gift to make your local area come alive.  This is one such gift that Tish provides for us here in the rain.  I've been to Wilmington only once, and I have seeinig the area through Tish's eyes is truly wonderful.  It makes me want to visit Wilmington and Wrightsville.  You can tell she real...
Wanda makes some good points, and I thought I would re-blog her post from yesterday,.  It's so important for us to FOCUS and have a positive attitude.  It helps to eliminate the negative thoughts and propels us into the here and now so we can progess.  I added Wanda to my list of subscribers last...
How fitting to start with one of the most wonderful people here at AR, Valerie Zinger.  Ralph is onto something and what better way to learn about those you care about here at Active Rain. What a challenge.  I haven't known Valerie long here at AR, in fact, I haven't known or blogged with many of...
Feedback, ahhh.  It's the courteous thing to do.  It not only helps the agent it also can help your seller.  It takes so llittle time but means a lot.  In our busy schedules it's not hard to text, pick-up a phone, or email.  I prefer to email my comments so the seller's agent has my comments for ...
This is a great idea.  Margaret Rome's Book, "Real Estate the Right Rome Way" is great.  I have it and I've worn it out, and mine is autographed.  And, to be able to give to a charity of your choice so close to the end of the year; it's a win-win.  Fabulous, I think I may try it with Rich's CD a...
Obviously, we celebrate X-mas in a big way!! :) We had a contest for businesses and homeowners: best X-mas lights. Week before last 15 lucky people received a free basket. My husband and I donated 15 of his first CD, as the 2nd one had not come out yet. We felt it was a great way to give back, a...
Barbara has some great information and advice for all of us.  She blogs faithfully and has such interesting blogs.  They are timely and so very jam packed with expert advice.  She is long on giving compliments and short on taking any credit.  I think Barbara deserves a hand today... two of ours b...
This looks like a heart moon.  Wow, how neat.  Don't you just love pictures.  And, Margaret is the expert.  She doesn't borrow art work or mess with clip art.  She has an eye, and she always takes her own pics.  I'm going to see if I can do more of this in the coming year. You all may have to cov...
Thank you Sentilock for always being there to assist me and making our lives easier.  I so enjoyed your new service of sending us tex text messages when our cards need to renew and also upping the days to 5 for renewal.  Thanks for your donation to "Make A Wish"...always grand when our associates...

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