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I'm not sure what this section does but I'll bite!! :)
 Calvert Guest Artist Tim Hinton at CalvART Gallery this weekend CalvArt Gallery  & the Arts Council of Calvert County Highlight Black History Month With Guest Artist Tim Hinton. "The Legends: A Tribute to Historic Black Jockeys"  Mr. Hinton will be in the Gallery on February 26 from 11 am - 5 pm...
Coach Katerina, informative post comment below, along with all the others and Leslie's post to my juices flowing this early in the morning.  What is SEO and google ranking all about anyway?  Thank you, Leslie great featured post.  Glad I saw it this morning.  It really continues to get me thinkin...
I think I miss the SoCal fruit!  These pictures remind me of my home in SoCal. Winter in Florida, ahhh, Silvia.  Looks  great as we are freezing up here! BRRRR Looks like a great place to visit in the winter months. I wanted to congratulate Silvia for reaching hte 300,000 point mark.  Congratulat...
I must have been sleeping! My dear friend, Margaret Rome, crossed the 600,000 point mark.  Ugh, and I missed it.  Was I sleeping?????  Here is a recent and favorite post I like of hers, won't you join me in going there and wishing her success for crossing over the 600,000 point mark.   http://act...
Look what can be done.  If you cllick on all four of these tours you will see great presentations.  And, Realtors that are not afraid to take and post lots of pictures.  I like that.  Wow, 4 home sales in less than 24 days, and an average of 12 days.  Great job.  Are you looking for a reliable ho...
We have a lot of military here in Northern VA and in MD.  This is a very timely post, great that you researched this and posted it for us to reblog.  Hope this helps someone out there who needs it. :) GailBorrowers who apply for VA mortgages don’t buy their homes with the expectation of getting i...
This is something that may apply to your state, as well.  This video could apply to MD, as well.  Linda's profile picture caught my eye while reading one of Brad A.'s posts.  I decided to take a look.  Guess Margaret was right, I need a new picture! LOL  Enjoy, very ice video, thx Linda. :) GailW...
These Santa's and Christmas Ornaments keep giving giving.  It was one amazing December day when I received a package from Valerie.  I was so excited, I couldn't wait to get it home to open it.  While my husband and I were at lunch I told him all about AR and the people I've met here.  We were ama...
If this isn't cool, I don't know what is!  Can you imagine telling your story and not only having it recorded but also put in the Library of Congress.  Anyone have a story.  This is a very interessting post.  So glad Ann shared it. Thanks,  Ann.  :) Gail  TELL YOUR STORY! StoryCorps Comes To Birm...
Okay, David, I've only been actively blogging day to day since Sept. 2010; but I was blogging back as far as 2009.  Let me see what I can find.  I don't think my most viewed were my best blogs.  Odd, I know.  May - July seemed to be a hot month for me.  My views were sky high, not as much as 2009...

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