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I'm not sure what this section does but I'll bite!! :)
Oh, Margaret Rome you are so very clever.  You not only take wonderful pictures, you inspire us all to be creative in our picture taking and in the way we do business.  Yo go.  Can you patent this broom idea???!!! :) Love you. This is one of the best ideas that I have seen in sometime. I can thin...
I just reblogged a post by a fellow Realtor, Indera Coggins in Northern Calvert where I am a Realtor.  Her blogs are always so full of useful information.  If you haven't read her, you might want to go see her.  She works for ReMax and is a wonderful agent and exceptional person.  I worked one of...
I love this post.  Wow, so many  uses for baking soda an vinegar.  I know use venegar on my kitchen counters to clean them.  Works great.  I use vinegar on my awful mesquiito bites.  I itch so much.  One night I realized I ran out of "itching cream" and was gong crazy, so I thought, what the heck...
Pretty smart.  Anita Clark posts on my blogs from time to time and I wanted to pass along something of hers.  This is so true.  I love it. ;)After reading some very intriguing blog posts this past month it got me thinking about why I blog.  As a newbie to this "social media thing", I'm still feel...
A Great New Safety Tool Realtors Can Use... this is a great blog and I'm glad I reblogged it.  I'm off to check it out, maybe you will, too. I just caught the announcement of this great new safety app on AgentGenius. on your cellphone allows you to alert your chosen contact...
I love the Brady Bunch, glad summer is over and fall is about to occur.  Fall is about the prettiest time of year.  The changing of the leaves is absolutely amazing.  Wow. Hey Change!  Yeah, you!  I'm calling you out!  It's the Fall Season of Change and we've got some work to do!                 ...
Yup, a little more Desi in our lives would be great.  Margaret you are my idol, I aspire to be worthy of you, and be aas active as you, and to be able at some point help others, as you do.  :) GailNow This is Customer Service in Baltimore's Sprint Store! Recently read a post by Karen Bernetti  Ho...
Margeret, what a sweetie...she posted a blog about my Purple Visor and my husband's CD "Songs from my Heart".  He wrote some of the music and is the trumpet player on the can give it a listen at  Thanks, Margaret, my visor is off to you. :)This post has nothing ...
                                                                                                "The Purple Visor"! If it weren't for the Purple Visor, many wonderful things may not have come my way... I'm thankful for my talented and loving husband; Thankful for all the people I worked with in P...
This is so true, and thanks Chris for taking the time to remind us about keeping listed homes ready to show.  It's nice that we follow our own advice!My own home is currently on the market and what a grounding experience this has been so far. Every morning before I sit down at my computer I sweep...

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