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Home Care - How to avoid or minimize major home repairs with basic routine inspections.
Some agents and buyers ask me why I am spending so much time on the exterior of a town home when it is the responsibility of the home owner's association.  The answer is really quite simple.  Defects with the exterior often effect the interior.  And although the association may repair a bad roof,...
Infrared thermal imaging will soon be the standard in home inspections. It is simply that powerful of a tool! Without damaging the home, thermal imaging can uncover defects that otherwise would go undetected in a standard visual inspection.  Here are a few items that can be revealed with thermal ...
Taking a few simple steps as the spring thaw begins could save you a great deal of stress AND $money$.  Here in Minnesota, we are expecting record flooding this spring.  So more importantly than most years there are just a few simple things you should do to help keep water out of your basement.  ...
  Many, even most of the homes I have inspected recently have pests, generally mice, in the attic and other areas of the home.  For those of you who have battled the problem for years with little permanent success, there is hope!  A good trust worthy exterminator can cure the problem.  A good ext...

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